Techno Infonet

Saturday Activity Fun

If you ask any of the Technorians which is your favourite day of the month, they will proudly say the last Saturday of every month. This is the level of excitement they have for Saturday’s activity.
This event is a collection of fun games, empowering talks, healthy debates, knowledge sharing and full of surprises.

This time Saturday activity was more of a special one, as it had an in-house party celebration for the achievements that the organization had obtained in the month of February.

The day starts with the empowering speech from our CEO, Sam Maniar. In his speech he showcases the real path to success in the professional domain, emphasizing his journey to triumph.

The second event was a bit intuitive and authorizing, which tested the analytical and problem-solving skills of the Technorians. In this activity blank papers were circulated and everyone was asked to put their feedback for the organization and subsequently was asked to write optimal solution for the same. Recognizing the welcoming culture of the organization, the Technorians have put forward their scope of solutions on the open stage. Our CEO, Sam Maniar appreciated the forthcoming behaviour of the team-mates.

The day moved ahead with the general discussion over recent happenings in India and around the world.

Finally, ‘S’ in every Saturday activity means Surprize and at the same time we have an in-house celebration for the milestones achieved in the month of February. Blend of these two multiplies the enthusiasm of the Technorians, when all of a sudden, they were exhibited with their favourite pizzas.
Everyone enjoyed the celebration combining delicious pizzas and flavoured soft drinks.

This is why we at Techno Infonet never call it a Saturday activity; we call it ‘Saturday celebration’.