Techno Infonet

Saturday activity

Being an employee-focused company, Techno Infonet has always made decisions regarding the holistic development of Technorians. The company is determined to uplift the personal as well as professional well-being of the staff. Hence, for the Saturday activity of the month of June, an exclusive yoga session was held at Techno Infonet.

The session started as soon as the yoga trainer arrived at the office premises. First, the session started with a prayer. Afterwards, various stretching exercises and yoga poses were performed by Technorians under the guidance of a trainer.

Second, several pranayama practices were performed with an aim of inner peace. It primarily consisted of Dirga pranayama to calm the mind, Kapalabhati pranayama for complete digestion, and Bhramari pranayama for better sleep. These pranayama practices calmed the nerves and granted the exhilarating feeling of tranquility.

Saturday Activity

Finally, the integral meditation practice – Tratak (to gaze) was performed. During this practice, everyone has to stare at the candle flame. This meditation practice delivers highly fruitful outputs such as increased concentration power, eliminating negative thinking, improving eyesight, etc.

The whole yoga session was a great success. The company received a resounding response from Technorians. They absolutely enjoyed it and loved the complete yoga session. The yoga practice granted peace and induced remarkable energy in the consciousness of Technorians. In the end, the company ordered mouthwatering ‘Chole Kulche’ for everyone. The staff of Techno Infonet excessively relished this Saturday activity and gained some valuable health advice as well.