Techno Infonet

In our daily routine life, we sometimes do not get enough time to take a break and do some activities that will help in reducing the stress level. In this technology equipped world, we do get to know about the different means and modes to reduce stress but, due to lack of time, we seldom follow these stress-reducing practices. So, in Techno Infonet every working Saturday our HR comes up with some interesting plan.

This 1st Saturday, our HR came up with the Dhyan Session activity. The session was started by a trainer, Mr Devendra, who is having more than 15 years of experience in conducting Dayan session. He introduced us with the benefits of Dhyan and how it can be a life-changing activity for reducing stress. Also, he shared how we can control our stress levels and feel relaxed for the entire day.

We were whispering within ourselves as to how true this concept can be in terms of practicality. He understood our confused face and made us to do the Dhyan session. We were engrossed in the Dhyan session for around 45 min. It was indeed very effective. We all were feeling really very relaxed and our minds were boosted with full of positive energy. He taught us the process as well as when to do this. We all really learnt a lot from this session.

In the end, we all asked our questions related to this and ended our Saturday with the delicious snacks.