Techno Infonet

It is the end of a year and we can already feel the resonance of a Carol in this snowy December that is about to welcome our childhood memories. Yes! You guessed it right; It’s the time for Christmas. This is the month to celebrate time with your loved ones by feeding cakes, lighting candles, decorating Christmas trees and enjoying the holidays. So how could Technorians refuse to take notice of these festive vibes?

Saturday Activity

On the 24th of December the whole Techno Infonet family arrived at the office by 9:30am and were amazed as they went through the decorations. The office was fully surrounded by balloons and other Christmas-centric ornaments together with the classic Christmas tree.

The magnificent day began with an informative lecture on Income Tax conducted by Anil Prajapati, the Operations & Account Manager of Techno Infonet. This lesson gave a brief understanding of how taxes are calculated at different stages of our professional journey which are extremely important to acknowledge. In the end, everyone got to know how these taxes are utilized for a broad spectrum of purposes that tend to assist citizens of our country.

Now it’s time for the beloved ritual called “Secret Santa”. A day before, HR asked everyone to pick out a random name from the secret bowl. There after everyone was assigned with a random name to whom they would give a gift. Along with all the excitement, there was a deep curiosity in everyone as it was a “shh” moment and no one was allowed to reveal the identity of their Secret Santa. On the next day, when it was the time to unwrap gifts, everyone had 3 chances to identify their Secret Santa or they would lose the game. Somehow many were able to identify by doing deep analysis and in the end, they were delighted with their gifts and thanked their Santa as well as Techno Infonet for coming up with such an interesting activity.

Carrying on, Technorians were then invited for a game of Housie and to double the joy; Management team came up with an idea of bounty. A member from the Techno family could win a small prize after achieving a full Housie. The winner Ronak Pandya jumped in joy numerous times, as he himself could not believe that he had won.

Ultimately, it was now the time for the mouth-watering pizzas that Technorians crave for. The management team ordered various pizzas from London Yard along with stuffed garlic breads and cold-drinks. Lastly, everyone thanked the company for such a glorious and memorable day.