Techno Infonet

Days are gone when an employee used to define the workplace solely on the basis of day-to-day chores. In this contemporary era, Techno Infonet believes in influencing their staff by supplying unique and exceptional efforts as a part of Saturday activity.

Saturday Activity

For the month of January; The company came up with a few entertaining games for Technorians. The foremost game that is beloved by any age group, which is none other than Treasure Hunt. Technorians were divided into two teams, “TEAM-A” & “TEAM-B”. Both were asked an identical riddle for their upcoming hunt. After paying close attention to the riddle, everyone started scratching their heads as it was way more perplexed than expected. After a time span, both the teams initiated a race to outsmart one another; but in the end Team B discovered the treasure and celebrated their glorious win with the three cheers of Hip Hip Hooray!

After this enthusiastic hunt, the same teams were invited for the following game known as Guess the Actor. All the team members were randomly assigned a Bollywood actor whom they had to express without uttering a word. The same team had to guess the actor on the basis of their team members actions and expressions. One-by-one all came into the spotlight and started acting accordingly; The fun part over here is every employee is a tech-freak who has no idea about how to act. This game became so hilarious that for the first time, the inner actors of Technorians were brought attention to. Ultimately, Team A won by guessing the most actors and Techno Infonet came to know about some hidden artists of the company.

As a tiebreaker, the third game was announced and brought up between the two teams. This game is defined as Guess the Movie; A game where one will not act as well as speak. Team members have to show up individually and draw statistics of the movie on a white board given by the competitor team to express it and score a point. Both the teams offered complex names to one another for a difficult matchup, but guess what? Designers made this game a cakewalk through their profound skills getting into consideration. Team B with designers made the game a lot easier, which led them a winner along with a great round of applause for all the participants because it’s the family that have it all together.

Finally, after the long run, it’s time to satisfy the hunger of Technorians. The management team surprised everyone with mouth-watering Aloo Parathas accompanied with curd. Technorians couldn’t be happier and appreciated Techno Infonet for such thoughtful and kind gestures towards them.