Techno Infonet

In the modern era, employees prefer to work with an organization which takes profound steps to amplify their skill sets and contribute substantially to improving their knowledge. Nowadays, organizations understand these requirements of their employees and strive to provide ample productive opportunities for learning and development to their staff.

Techno Infonet has been taking resounding steps for helping Technorians in maximizing their potential. To fulfil this purpose, the company has been arranging numerous training sessions for upscaling both technical skills as well as soft skills. The company firmly believes that soft skills are equally significant as technical skills.

Therefore, an in-depth session of soft skills training was arranged at the premises of Techno Infonet as a part of the Saturday activity for October month. The subject matter expert, Mrs Priyanka Soni conducted this session. Soft skills can be defined as people skills which means the ability to properly interact with others.

They are imperative for the success of any business. Many times, it is more difficult to develop soft skills in comparison to hard skills as it requires changes in deep-rooted behaviour. Soft skill training helps in identifying current strengths and developing new soft skills as well.

The soft skills training session briefly covered various relevant skills required at the workplace. It mainly included tips about networking, effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, presenting oneself, conflict resolution, the ability to negotiate, and how to work under the pressure of delivering results by the deadline.

Once the training session was completed, a group discussion took place. Numerous drawbacks of lack of soft skills were discussed. It majorly included low client retention rate, inability to meet deadlines, failure to grow the professional network, and inability to close deals with clients.

Furthermore, Technorians discussed various practical ways to magnify their soft skills. Majorly, the discussion can be summarized in the below points,

  • Always try to work under the guidance of a reporting manager who can give accurate feedback on skill development.
  • Different courses on the subjects like public speaking are extremely important for improving communication.
  • You can get professional help to develop high-priority skills without any delay.
  • Confidence is the key factor to skyrocket soft skills and make a profound impression on the listener. Hence, always try to build a certain level of confidence.


Finally, the group discussion was completed. After that, Technorians headed to the “Ghee Gud” restaurant to have a company-sponsored Diwali lunch. The fixed dish had a huge variety of food choices. Technorians heavily relished the mouth-watering Gujarati food items.


In the end, Techno Infonet proved it is always easier to satisfy employees by giving them top-notch opportunities to prowess in their respective fields. Technorians admired the Saturday activity and praised the efforts of the company.