Techno Infonet

Saturday Activity for The Month of September 2022

Providing utmost comfort to employees and giving them the feeling of home at the workplace is not an easy task. However, an employer can achieve this distinction through perpetual efforts and eagerness to overcome the challenges on this wavering journey. Saturday activity is one of the best efforts by Techno Infonet to empower its employees and inspire them to build strong bonds with each other.

For the month of September, Techno Infonet conducted a completely unusual Saturday activity. The centre of the whole activity was an exclusive “Techno Antakshari 2022”. To begin with the interesting game, Technorians were divided into 3 different teams: Team A, Team B, and Team C.

There was a total of 4 rounds in the Antakshari. The first round was “Pehchan Kaun”. In this round, the tune of any Bollywood song was played, and Technorians had to identify the name of the song. The second round was “English-Vinglish”. Here, famous Hindi songs’ lyrics were translated into English and the participants needed to guess the correct song based on that. The third round was “Iski Topi Uske Sir”. The original song was played in this round and the participants needed to recognize the copied Bollywood version of that song. At last, the “Charade” round took place. In this round, any two members of one team had to come. One member needed to explain 10 songs in a time duration of 3 minutes while another member could not listen to anything. A participant can only identify the name of the song through the actions of another participant and lip reading.

All of the rounds highly entertained Technorians. The whole office premises was filled with the loudest cheers and hurray noises of the participants. All employees were enormously engaged in the game and relished different songs. In the end, team C won the whole game with a great margin.

Indeed, it was a fruitful Saturday activity which set a benchmark for all fun activities in the future.