Techno Infonet

In our daily routine life, we don’t get time for ourselves. Everyone needs refreshment break from their daily routine which can reduce stress level, make a friendly working environment and also all the team members get a chance to interact with other teams and departments.

So, here in Techno Infonet our HR plan some activity on every 2nd and 4th Saturday. For this month we played 3 games namely 1. Lemon & spoon race 2. Celebrity 3. Name that tune.

  • Lemon & spoon race:

In this game a person needs to hold the spoon with lemon on the top throughout the race. Hands cannot be used to adjust the spoon or lemon once the race starts. If the lemon falls off, person will be eliminated.

  • Celebrity:

“Each player writes the name of a famous person (real or fictional) on a Post-It note or scrap of paper. They then stick it to the forehead of another player, so that that person can’t see it but everyone else can. The aim of the game is to find out whose name is attached to your forehead. You do this by asking yes/no questions, which all the other players answer. Everyone will only get 2 minutes.

  • Name that tune:

Choose songs that will be familiar to the group based upon their ages and the composition of the group. It’s just like dumb charades, but instead of acting murmur song tune and instead of movie name, there will be song name.

It was really fun as we all really enjoyed the games. In the end, we all had a tasty puff capture all the moments and enjoyed the weekend activity.