Techno Infonet

In today’s professional life, we did not get time to do extra activity. So here in Techno Infonet our HR plan some activity on every 2nd and 4th Saturday’s. Techno Infonet believes in creating a good, healthy and stress-free working environment. We ensure to have fun with our colleagues, making it an enjoyable evening.

Our HR plans out and comes up with some exciting games that relax our mind and make us prepare for the next week. This May month Saturday’s, we played 3 games namely 1. Placing Coins on Pencil, 2. Paper Race and 3. Build a Card House.

Placing Coins on Pencil –

Here’s something about the game. We need a pencil with a flat head and many coins to play this game. All team members have to come one by one to play this game. The challenge to win this game is to balance the maximum number of coins on the pencil, and the person has to place the coin one by one.

Paper Race –

The Technorians were divided into 2 teams, A and B. And then what, both the teams tried their best in the game so that they could win. The rule was each team member have to keep a piece of paper on the floor and take that paper from starting point to end point by blowing the air from the mouth. Each team member needs to be quick and fast in order to win. It was a really fun game. You may think it was simple but, going one point to another within a short span was not that easy. You need concentration, technique, and speed to win it.

Build Card House –

In this also, we all Technorians were divided into 2 teams, A and B. From both the team 2 members have to come and build the card house in one min time period. The team member who will build a big and tall tower, will the winner of the game.

We really enjoyed the games, it was really fun and made us relaxed playing these games. In the end, we all had a tasty Onion and Alu Pakoda selfied all the moments and enjoyed the weekend activity.