Techno Infonet

Everyone needs the refreshment break from there daily routine life. That break helps in many terms like reducing the stress level, get the chance to come out from the daily routine and the best way to make a friendly working environment. Also, all the team members get the chance to interact with other teams and departments.

So, in Techno Infonet on every 2nd and 4th working Saturday our HR comes with plans some refreshment activity. So, this month of July working Saturday’s we played 2 games namely 1. UNO and 2. Dumb Charades



Uno is a card game. We all the team members gather at one place to play this game. We all sit into the circle and game goes something like this, Each player begins with a hand of 5 Uno cards. Now, we need to turn over the top card from the draw pile to start the game. The main aim of this game to throw away as many cards as possible to win this game. When the person will be left with zero cards will be the winner of the game. Everyone was trying hard to finish their cards, so, that he/she can win the game and enjoy to see the other who are looking to end as soon as possible.

2. Dumb Charades

Here’s something about the game. One player from a team pantomimes the given movie from the opposite team. He/she has to do it in a given time period and make his/her team members understand the name of the movie.

We did the same. The Technorians were divided into 2 teams, A and B. And then what, both the teams tried their best in giving a difficult name so that they could win. And the one who was pantomiming tried hard to make his/her team win. It was really fun watching and above all, it made us relaxed playing this game. You may think it is simple. But, to make people understand through acting and gestures within a short span is not that easy. It’s up to a person’s smartness, presentation, and his/her coordination with the team members; how quickly and easily they are able to guess the movie’s name.

We had really enjoyed that activity and it helped all the team to improve their communication skills through the fun activity, It was really a good way to create a working environment. We all selfied all the moments and enjoyed the weekend.