Techno Infonet

“It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work, friends and family – Philip Green”

It’s really important to have a balance between your work life, social life, and family life. If one learns this fast, believe me, he lives a stress-free life and is happy in his/her life. The fast you learn, the more relaxed you are.

Also, we see things, seasons, and environmental change in a minute, same is the case with your life and work. Things change in a minute. Every minute is important in work life.

You might be thinking as to why am I talking about balancing, valuing every minute, and learning things fast. This is because, on Saturday the 8th July 2017, our HR made us understand the importance of these things through games.

At Techno Infonet, we make it possible every 2nd and 4th Saturday to learn, have fun, and enjoy at our office. So, keeping up this tradition, this Saturday, we played 3 games namely Face the Cookie, How fast you can run to win, and Minute to win it.

The first game goes something like this. You have to place a biscuit over your head and without touching it you have to eat it. Well, at first it seemed really easy but was really difficult to eat it. This simple game made us understand the importance of balancing things, tasks, and life in whole.

The second game we played was How fast you can run to win. Well, this was a tricky game. The Technorians were divided into 2 teams – A and B. The rule was 1 player has to go to the end point, blow up the balloon, stick the balloon on the wall, then while touching your ear make 5 rounds, take the balloon and come back. Simultaneously, every member has to repeat this. The team which finished the task first becomes the winner. It was a simple game for the Technorians, and did it quite comfortably. This made us understand that at times you need to be quick and fast in your answers, making decisions, and reporting.

After some break, we played the third and the final game called Minute to win it. Again we made the teams. From each 1 player has to come. He/she has to drop all the 5 filled bottles kept at some distance with a ball kept in the mouth. It was really a difficult task to drop the bottles. You need concentration, technique, and speed to win it.

Thus, we can say that it was a learning time for us through these small games. The winners were given gifts from the company. We all selfied all the moments and enjoyed the weekend.

“Where people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work. – David Ogilvy”