Techno Infonet

Techno Infonet conducted an SEO seminar on 23rd June 2018 scheduled at 4 pm within the office premises. With the world going digital it becomes necessary to understand the techniques of the online platform to make your presence felt. Owing to this, Techno Infonet decided to educate the layman with the concept of SEO that will help them to understand the basics of online marketing and how a website gets noticed on the digital platform. The main objective of conducting this event was to provide an insight into the basics of SEO and SMO(a part of SEO), one of the most trending concepts in the world of technology. The event was a huge success with a lot of people enthusiastically participating in the seminar. Attendees from both – educational as well as professional backgrounds were present at the seminar.

The SEO team worked tirelessly to influence and spread the details of the event across a wide range of audience through LinkedIn and Facebook. Needless to say, their hard work did pay off with almost 5500 people being reached through Facebook advertising. The social media promotion was quite effective in positively influencing the rate of participation as it witnessed 66 people responding to the event.

The SEO seminar was conducted by Mr. Bhushan Parikh (SEO Manager) and Ms. Priya Shah( Business Development Executive who also handles all the social media activities). The seminar began at 4 pm sharp with attendees still flooding in till the 1st half of the event. It witnessed an interactive participation wherein the attendees were putting down their queries and answering the questions that were being asked by the speaker. During the end of the event, both the speakers were generous enough to share their email id wherein they promised to attend to all kinds of queries.

The entire event was made to stream live on two of the most popular social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram. This web design and development company made use of the social media platforms to reach those audiences who could not physically make it to the event. Facebook witnessed 125 views and 326 people being reached. The video was viewed up to 86 minutes. Moreover, there were 109 engagements, 13 reactions, 16 likes and 3 comments to the live video.

The seminar was indeed a huge success that echoed a highly satisfied feedback from all those who attended this seminar. “I was only aware about the full form of SEO, but now I have gained some basic knowledge about the same. The experience was indeed fruitful with the information being presented in a simple and more organized manner. They also patiently answered to all my queries. It was indeed a wonderful experience to be a part of this seminar” says one of the attendees. The entire event was a commendable experience for both – the company as well as the attendees who were happy to learn a digital marketing concept. Techno Infonet too basked in all the glory that these attendees had for them. The company plans to conduct a more detailed session on SEO in the coming days.