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The employee engagement activity is done with the game then it’s become more energetic and mood refreshing.So, on every working Saturday, our HR plans out some refreshment activity for all of us. which call Saturday employee engagement activities. We always end our working Saturday with best refreshing game and evening snack.

This 4th working Saturday we played  3 games namely:- 1.Panipuri Competition, 2.Baloon Walk,3 Drop The Ball in Glass.These game require the team management, team coordination, trust and patience to win.

First game Panipuri Competition – The game goes something like this everyone needs to sit together and have to eat Panipuri as much as they can eat to win this game. All the team member have enjoyed this game lot fun with food. Everyone was trying to eat more and more panipuri to win this contest.

Second game Baloon Walk – It was really a fun game for all the team member. We all team member were divided into 2 teams A and B. The rule was team member has to go from one point to another point withholding the balloons. So, if team A started the game then from there team one member will come and hold balloon under the arms and one ballon in between both legs. Now, that person has to go from point O to P. The same way each team member has to do this and each team member needs to be quick and fast in order to win.

Third game Drop The Ball in Glass – The rule was one glass was kept on the table and with the help of scale the person needs to drop the ball into the glass. The all the member were divided into 2 teams. Each team member has to drop the ball five times with the help of scale. The member with the highest score with dropping the ball become the winner of the game.

We all the team member really enjoyed the games had fun, food masti and a great time with all team member together. In the end, we selfied all the moments.