Techno Infonet

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage” Jack Welch

In our daily routine life, we do not get enough time to take out the time to learn new things and get some knowledge that will help us to know more about what is trending. At, Techno Infonet, the day started with full of positiveness, employees exchanged their knowledge and explained their profile by sharing their experience, trending topics, the issue they face and how they solve it with other team members. Every employee has got knowledge about different teams like PHP Team, SEO & Marketing Team, Designing Team, Quality Analyst Team.

Firstly, SEO & Marketing team started sharing their experience by telling about the SEO factors and how they are useful along with the importance of doing SEO for any business. In the same way, our marketing team shared experience about the latest trends in marketing and how an advertisement is done and what are the factors which help to increase brand identity.

After SEO and Marketing team, PHP Team started sharing their experience with the issue they face, how they solve it and how they create a Bug-free website along what queries occur from the client and what they do to solve their queries. Other employees were interactive too to ask the PHP team to get some technical knowledge.

After PHP Team, Designing Team shared their experience about the responsive design, why it is necessary to keep optimize images as per the size. How images affect the speed of the website. What issues they face while creating different design and Email Templates which should be according to the latest trends of web design.

After Designing Team, Quality Analyst Team tells us what is done when the website or mobile application goes for testing and what are the factors to find bugs. How manually testing is done and how Automation testing is done by creating a test case.

Profile explanation of different fields like SEO & Marketing Team, PHP Team, Designing Team, and Quality Analyst Team was very interactive and knowledgeable. All employees were happy to gain knowledge from different fields.

Motivational session on stress management

In this technology equipped world, we do get to know about the different means and modes to reduce stress but, due to lack of time, we hardly follow these stress-reducing practices. After all the team explained their profile, our CEO Mr. Sam Maniar has taken a motivational session on stress management and explain to all the employees how you can get rid of stress by following simple steps and be motivated/stress-free. He explains it in simple steps through a diagram that motivated all employees to be stress-free. Everyone enjoyed the session given by our CEO and have started implementing it in their daily life to be stress-free.

The awareness session of investment in current times and managing savings by experts

After Stress management session, we had a wealth management session of how you can manage your investment in the right way. What are the benefits of using different investment plans, how one can opt-in it and how long they can manage their savings?

Every drop in the ocean counts. In the same way, every small investment now will lead to a huge saving in the future.

After all the activities and sessions, we all had a snack of Burger, Wrap and Cold drinks which was mesmerizing and tasty. All the employees enjoy the weekend in a unique yet knowledgeable way.