Techno Infonet

Strong communication and seamless workplace interaction are the mainstays of any professional relationship. And to break the ice and bring your team together what can be the best other than playing the game in the office. This time our Human Resource Manager – Jyoti Dhanwani, came up with a greatly playful game Copy Cat.

In this easy yet lively game, one of a team member (denner) is asked to leave the room for a minute, meanwhile, a leader is chosen who has to make different funny, bizarre, and weird gestures or actions. This actions or gestures would be copied or followed by the rest of the team and the denner has to identify the leader from whom the actions are originated.

The curiosity of the denner, the excitement of the followers and the panicking attitude of the leader is the catch of the game bringing immense pleasure and amusement. Laughter, briskness, and uproar changed the complete office vista from stress to sports.

So, Don’t Forget To Work Hard, Have Fun & Make a Difference!