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Worklife balance

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent Van Gogh

Great results can’t be achieved overnight. It requires a series of thoughtful actions. Techno Infonet initiated a 4.5-days workweek to achieve the accolade of being a company that employees cherish. That means employees are required to work only 4.5 days a week.

Work and home are two muses in any employee’s life. It is crucial to manage both simultaneously. When you love your job and are dedicated to it, you will feel triumphant. But what about working one’s fingers to the bone and overdoing every work task? It can be excruciating for the mental health of employees.

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Have you seen a spiderweb? A spider intermittently shoves, relaxes, and jumps while slowly striding to make a complete web with its multiple spinnerets and eight legs. Just like a spider, employees can build a career web while working hard, giving time for personal growth, and taking sufficient rest. Running in a rat race is never a solution to climbing the corporate ladder.

Published by ADP Research, ‘People at Work 2021: A Global Workforce View’ survey declared that 70% of Indians experienced stress at least once during the workweek regularly. The common factors causing stress to employees are overwhelming responsibilities, the high bar of expectations, long working hours, and inadequate personal time.

Due to the horrific effects of a prevailing global pandemic, the importance of mental health is clearly understood. Work-life imbalance can lead to reduced productivity, burnout, anxiety, obesity, and higher absenteeism rates. Additionally, failure to strike a work-life balance can lead to dissatisfied family members. When an employee cannot give sufficient time to loved ones, it can cause turbulence in the peace of the household and instigate disputes with family members.

As Victor Hugo once said, ‘Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.’ Techno Infonet believes in carving a trajectory to be followed by others. The company takes bold initiatives, never hesitating to stand up for its beliefs. Therefore, Techno Infonet broke the clutter and took the courageous move of introducing a 4.5-days workweek. Employees get 2.5 days of personal time to use only for themselves. The company is one of the pioneers in introducing this change in the Indian IT industry. It is not a cakewalk to change such old time-worn traditions. Indeed, it exhibits how much the company cares about the welfare of its employees. What a groundbreaking movement!

Techno Infonet received astonishing results after the completion of 1 month of this movement. Based on organization analysis, it was apparent that the movement had significantly affected the performance of employees. The company witnessed an increase in employee productivity due to this change. Moreover, other significant advantages were a high satisfaction rate, enhanced loyalty and focus, low absenteeism, a stress-free work environment, lower fatigue, and amplified employee engagement.

Consequently, the main benefit was that employees of the company felt exhilarated and thrilled because of this policy, which validated the company’s endeavor as a good move. Techno Infonet proved employees can slow down to restore energy rather than jumping on the hyped culture of overworking.

When asked about the effect of a 4.5-days workweek to Technorians, they said, “It is a delightful policy. Getting 2.5 days of free time is liberating. We get a chance to pursue our hobbies during this time. Thank you Techno Infonet for such a thoughtful gesture.”

There were no remuneration cuts and employees will continue to receive the same monetary as well as non-monetary benefits even after implementing this policy. Additionally, the number of holidays will also be the same.

By taking swift and resounding actions, an employer can ensure that its employees are satisfied. These actions certainly help employees in multiple ways. It is not an overstatement that Techno Infonet has roped in this distinction of being a ‘Happy Organization’ through its perpetual efforts. The company has turned the tide and brought smiles to numerous faces. The #fridayhalfday is not just a work-life balance policy, it’s a work-life blooming movement!