Techno Infonet

Gamification is always proven as good for brain health. It was activity time at Techno and fun-loving Technorian as usual thought out of the ordinary game to have a good time. This time Techno family wished to play a game that had lots of speculation and cash involved for maximum amusement. Wow! You guessed it right, our HR arranged for Tambola (Housie). The game, which is all about luck, by no means fails to bring a nail-biting edge to any occasion, certainly with immense fun and frolic.

The fundamental of Tambola game includes the caller/dealer who announces the randomly picked number and the players mark off the numbers on their tickets. The 3 winning titles were for the ones who strikes four corners first, each horizontal line and full Housie.

The rush to buy tickets was not less that crowded trade in stock markets. The collection was incredible, and enthusiasm had no measure. HR being the caller shuffled and kept shouting out the numbers, and players zipped up to hear the numbers their ticket contained. The room echoed with applause and cackles of words like CORNERS! 1st LINE, 3rd LINE, FULL HOUSIE and it kept going on. Mischievous exceeded so much that few players started bribing the caller to call the numbers they had, but all in vain.

With 6 winners the game concluded, not to mention fascinating gifts were presented. Well, it was just a game of Housie, but the true satisfaction was in making it an inclusive experience as a united team. Memories to cherish forever were captured as always to recall and smile.