Techno Infonet

“If you drop me I’ll crack, but if you smile I’ll smile back”…. Can you guess an answer to this riddle? Well, stay with me; I’ll help you solve it!

Life too, is complicated just as the riddle. If we don’t solve it soon, it will become more complex. Well, its high time to solve and get answers, to literally live life king size! Alas, it’s the same is the case of our corporate lives! We struggle hard to overcome and find solutions to our problems. To overcome the corporate problem, here’s the solution which is quite simple; just take the weekends and you’ll be through…

Nowadays, the corporates too, plan out something huge which helps us relax and drain away our tiredness. Techno Infonet follows the same principle and manages the weekends to make it special and memorable!

… Still thinking the answer to the riddle? The answer is Mirror!

Here’s another one, hope you can guess… “It always welcomes you but never says Thank You for visiting”

Such was the case of our company on the last Saturday of the month of February where all of us were using our intelligence to solve the riddles to reach to the Treasure. We divided the Technorians into 2 teams viz Team A and Team B. Now, here’s something about the game, if you are not aware. Treasure Hunt is a game where you have to solve the riddle to go to the next clue and so on to reach to the treasure. Both the teams were going good especially Team A who were able to solve all the riddles but got stuck in solving the last clue solving a mathematical riddle. The team B, however was slowly moving ahead to the treasure.

Now, the winning team (team B) found the answer to the above riddle i.e. Doormat which lead them to the final treasure clue.

It was a mind freshener for all of us which not only helped us to sharpen our intellectual abilities but also helped us know how much we notice things all around. Well, we captured all of those which became our life long memory.

Before closing, one last clue which team B found which lead them to the final treasure, let’s see can you guess. “Woh hai but dikhta nahi, uske through hum aapna sukh dukh baat sakte hai, bina apni jagah se hile humara andhruni connection betha raheta hai”.

The answer is Server and hurrah… Team B has won the game and received some small gifts on behalf of the company.