Techno Infonet

“Diwali”– the most exciting festival in India comes with lots of love, joy, and an abundance of energy. Whether it is residences or corporate offices, no place is exempt from the uplifting Diwali celebration. Indeed, people eagerly wait for this glorious festival across the whole country.

Nowadays, businesses strive to create a Diwali vibe at work premises by organizing gratifying Diwali celebrations. It contributes heavily to enhancing the work morale of employees and increasing employee engagement.

Techno Infonet joined this trail as well by arranging a humongous Diwali celebration at the premises. Decorating an office is the most important part of the Diwali celebration to give the feel of this enlightening festival. From alleyways to workstations, multicolour lamps, LED lights, diyas, door hanging torans, wall designs, paper lanterns, etc things were used to recreate the look of the office.

Can we imagine a Diwali celebration without traditional attire? No, we certainly cannot. The satisfaction of getting ready for this festival is certainly exhilarating. Enthusiastic Technorians came in mesmerizing traditional outfits for celebrating this festival. The whole workplace was shimmering with the beauty of their colourful attires.

While mentioning the Diwali celebration, how can we forget the oldest tradition of making Rangoli? At the office entrance, Technorians prepared the highly creative Rangoli design from different shapes through bright colours. Moreover, Diwali Puja was also arranged at the premises. It created positive vibes at the office premises and energized Technorians. After that, all staff members greeted and wished Happy Diwali to one another.

How can we complete the celebration without clicking pictures? Technorians posed vibrantly for pictures and clicked funny selfies as well. They certainly captured their happiness in those pictures.

At last, the company management distributed Diwali hamper boxes to all employees. Overall, Technorians greatly enjoyed this celebration and thanked the company for always taking resounding actions toward their welfare.