Techno Infonet

With every fun activity happening in Techno, the level of Technorian’s enjoyment is perking up. This time to rejoice, one of our team member Bhavik made us play “Guess the Doodle”, extremely interactive, & entertaining game to have a chockablock fun time in Bollywood style.

“Guess the doodle” is actually a perfect game storming which involves two teams, one team would give a movie’s name to be doodled by the other team member and the rest of the team would make guesses to identify.

With this mind-boggling game, Technorians got a chance to outlet theircreative, acting and doodling sides as well. The games were played full on as everyone participated with a lot of eagerness and enthusiasm. The main fun element in the game was thefunny gestures and doodles, wacky expressions and weird doodles left all of us die laughing. The motive behind playing these games was just to encourage team building since the team effort to making a guess was essential.

As usual, we all had a simple lesson to learn which we whole-heartily appreciate and accept that “None of us is as smart as all of us”. Team techno is getting better with every engagement activity because

“Excellence is not an act, but a habit.”