Meet the Technorians

Sam Maniar

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Fondly known as Sam, Saurabh Maniar is an instrumental goal-oriented team builder and leader who has energized Techno Infonet’s company policies and practices. Empowered with a Masters in IT from Charles Sturt University, Australia, Sam has over 2 decades of entrepreneurial expertise. He functions as one of the Board Directors of Techno Consultancy UK and is currently the CEO of Techno Infonet, India.

Meet the Technorians

Jitendra Yadav

Sr. Team Lead PHP

Mr. Jitendra Yadav is the Senior Most Member of our Techno Infonet family. He is Holding PGDCA with 13 years of experience in the field of PHP Development. He brings a sense of positive energy to the office that inspires each team member he supervises, and his experience brings a fresh perspective to our organization.

Meet the Technorians

Bhargav Upadhyay

PHP Team Leader

As a developer Bhargav is known for providing quality, client-centric web development solutions throughout his journey with Techno Infonet. For over 7 years, Bhargav has shown his expertise in many frameworks mainly including CodeIgniter, Magento, jQuery etc. He also possesses thorough knowledge in JavaScript, AngularJS, MySQL, AJAX, HTML5, etc. His dedication towards serving his clients and helping his team has helped him to grow in the organisation.

Meet the Technorians

Arun Peter

Customer Service Manager

As a Customer Service Manager, Arun is responsible for planning and overseeing certain parts of the project, monitoring its progress, coordinating meetings, and overseeing members of the project team. At Techno we call him “The king of content” and "Multitasker”. He has an academically sound background and holds an MBA in Marketing.

Meet the Technorians

Anjali Praveen

Human Resource Manager

As an HR manager at Techno Infonet, Anjali is known for perfectly bridging the gap between the employer needs and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues. During her 10 years’ journey, she has gained a huge amount of experience in aspects like Developing and implementing HR strategies and initiatives that help in achieving organizational success.

Meet the Technorians

Anil Prajapati

Office Manager

As an Office Manager, Anil is considered the king of accountancy at Techno Infonet. He has a wealth of experience working in the Information Technology industry and is well versed with the ins and outs of it. Anil competently manages the administrative tasks, dealing with all financial matters and back-office systems.

Meet the Technorians

Bharatsinh Gohil

Lead Designer

With over 10 years of experience, Bharat has demonstrated his proficiency in providing creative and intuitive design that help enhance the UI and UX of digital products. His passion towards his work and high-spirited attitude lights up the floor and everyone working around him.

Meet the Technorians

Haresh Gadhvi

Sr. SEO Executive

Haresh Gadhvi is holding strong Experience in SEO Field, he holds a Strong exposure in Digital Marketing and SEO. He has profound knowledge of the SEO framework, processes and templates and contribute in evolving them. With such a work spirit he has always helped his colleagues and the company to succeed in all the endeavours.

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