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“We Believe That The Strength Of Company Lies In A Healthy Relationship With Their Business Partners”

Techno Infonet has always believed in creating and maintaining long-term relationships with its Business partners, clients, and employees. Over the years, we have affiliated with over 250+ business partners in all the first level countries across the globe be it USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and many more. We emphasize on offering quality and client satisfaction using the latest designing and development techniques and solutions which have helped our clients in all the areas of their businesses.

Our business partnership program enables you to expand your business and increase profitability. Techno Infonet has formed 5 Business Partnership Programs which are designed keeping our clients and business partners in mind.

1. Off Shore Business Partner:

“Maximum Business at Low Cost and Quick Delivery”
This program is beneficial to the small scale industries and individuals who don’t have an established market and domain or the right brand to start a project. Also, it is beneficial to IT firms who are looking to expand their business offshore. The Offshore Business Partnership program, helps you lower your operational cost, speed up the development process and increase your investment opportunities. Through this program, we help our customers concentrate more on expanding their business keeping the technical hassles for us. We have a development team which is competent enough to solve all the complex tasks with an ease and have the expertise to deliver future-proof solutions.

2. Reseller Partner:

“Promote Our Products and Services and Generate Revenue”
Reseller Program is mostly effective for independent marketing professionals who have a large customer base and are in need of a development partner to deliver effective solutions to their clients. This program is the fastest and most cost-effective way to scale up your business. You can deliver effective and adequate solutions to your clients and earn higher ROI by incorporating our expertise and best practices. For each project earned by you, we will provide a certain percentage of commission based on the budget of the project. The best of our services and correspondence is assured to you and your clients.

3. Referral Partner:

“Identify Business Opportunities and Robust the Market by referring us”
The Referral Business Partnership Program is more suitable for individuals or small/medium companies who have already used our services in the past and have an access to a network with a large community of prospects & can recommend Techno Infonet’s services to them. For partnering with us through the referral program, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge or have to involve in any kind of communication during the project is under development phase. You just have to refer us and once the deal is closed with your referral, you will have the referral commission without the knowledge of the referral.

4. Joint Venture:

“Join Hands for Successful Business”
Through the Joint Venture Business Partnership Program, independent businessmen, business consultants or huge business houses get an opportunity to expand the business and get introduced to new business markets. Through this Business partnership, you will be generating the leads and market the service while we will be taking care of all the technical aspects of hiring experts, developing appropriate infrastructure and delivering the solutions. We will mutually protect our interests as your marketing skills will help us get more customers while our technical skills will help in providing requisite applications to them. A healthy and a long-term relationship can help us survive the boosting market. We will share mutually agreed profits if the inquiries lead to a fruitful order.

5. White Label Business Partnership:

“Take Our Brand for Enhancing Your Working Hands”
The White Label Business Partnership is ideally for the companies who are already in the same business and have the ability to market their services to a large number of clients locally or internationally. Through this business partnership, they can sell their services and communicate with their client but outsource the project to us. We help them in raising their delivery capabilities by working as an extended team keeping our identity hidden.

We treat every partner with extra care and consideration. Moreover, an on-time delivery of the project is offered to you and your clients. This is what we deliver to our dozens of our Business partners across the globe.

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