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Established in the year 2017, Incentiv8 is a rewards programme for university students that pays out alluring rewards for completing qualification. The earlier students join Incentiv8, the exponentially higher the reward pay-out will be.

The company aims to provide an opportunity to students whereby they can receive a cash pay-out as a reward and also earn a sustainable income while studying at university. Incentive8 was looking for a cutting-edge web development service provider company to meticulously understand their business function and build an alluring website. Techno Infonet received the complete project of Incentiv8 website development. With the use of an agile web development model, an out-of-the-box website was precisely crafted by utilizing Laravel, HTML5, and MySQL technology. Techno Infonet topped off the whole project within a predetermined deadline while critically addressing client expectations.


1. Web Development

Technologies Used:

1. Laravel

2. MySQL Database