Project Description

Ryda is a safe and reliable cab service offering hassle-free and timely taxi services to its customers in South Africa.This South African client wanted to harness the power of mobile technology to provide expeditious and efficient transportation experience to its customers all over South Africa. Keeping client’s expectations in mind, we developed the Ryda - SA's Taxi/Cab App with innovative design which supports the user group in seamlessly accessing the app. This fully-featured Android app incorporates all the advanced features essential from login via social media, secure facility to register the credit / debit card, easy cab booking, real-time view of approaching cab on the app, map view of the nearby cabs and rating system for feedback.


  • 1. Mobile App Design
  • 2. Mobile App Develop

Technologies Used:

  • 1. Android

Available on the App Store

  • Ryda
  • Ryda
  • Ryda
  • Ryda
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