SEO Packages

Activities Silver Gold Platinum
Website Review Yes Yes Yes
Website Analysis Report Yes Yes Yes
Google Penalty Check Yes Yes Yes
Initial Keywords Ranking Report Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Research Yes Yes Yes
Keywords 5 10 30 to 50
Target countries No No 3 to 5
404 Page Analysis Advisory Yes Yes Yes
Img Alt Tag Yes Yes Yes
Broken Link Check Yes Yes Yes
Canonicalization Yes Yes Yes
Website blog Content Check Yes Yes Yes
Content Crawling and Indexing Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics Setup Yes Yes Yes
Google Webmaster Setup Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics Tool daily check Yes Yes Yes
Google Webmaster daily check Yes Yes Yes
Header Tags Optimization (H1) Yes Yes Yes
Internal Linking Yes Yes Yes
Meta Tags Optimization and Creation Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Friendly Test Yes Yes Yes
Page Speed Optimization Yes Yes Yes
SEO Friendly URL Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Sitemap.xml & Robots.txt Update Yes Yes Yes
Daily Website Check Yes Yes Yes
Title Tag Optimization - Number of Pages Yes Yes Yes
Duplicate Content Check No Yes Yes
Google My Business Set Up No Yes Yes
Bing Webmaster Tools Setup No No Yes
Content Optimization No No Yes
Business Profile Creation Yes Yes Yes
Blog Bookmarking Yes Yes Yes
Local Business Listing Yes Yes Yes
Country Specific Links Yes Yes Yes
Social Bookmarking Yes Yes Yes
Web 2.0 Blog Distribution Yes Yes Yes
Ping website submission Yes Yes Yes
Competitor Link building No Yes Yes
Niche Business Listing No No Yes
Competitor Research & suggestion No No Yes
Backlink Analysis No Yes Yes
Google Analytic Report Yes Yes Yes
Weekly Keywords Ranking Report Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Ranking Report (Google + Bing) No No Yes
SEO Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes
Account Manager by call/email/Skype No No Yes
Email Yes Yes Yes
Telephone No Yes Yes
SEO Quarterly Suggestions Yes No No
SEO Quarterly Development Suggestions Yes No No
SEO Monthly Suggestions No Yes Yes
SEO Monthly Development Suggestions No Yes Yes
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  1. The above activities we intend to do as per the package selected and as and when it is required.
  2. The above list of activities are for general guidance and we may not perform all of them on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  3. We aim to perform 70-80% above mentioned on page and off page activities minimum 1 time in a month.
  4. If customer requires documentary evidence for the above perform tasks, per project $50 extra per month for the Silver Package, $150 extra for the Gold Package and $250 extra per month for the platinum projects on top of the monthly package price
  5. Optional Extra services for the content writing and social media
  6. On page SEO works will be conducted generally only on the targeted web pages.



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