Project Description

The ShredChaser app is the perfect approach to associate with the other passionate sport admirer who loves snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, surfing, wake or kite boarding to bmxing and beyond. This client was looking to use mobile technology to notify the sport lovers about the events happening across the world. He also wanted the app to be socially interactive enabling the users to know which sports other Shred Chasers are following. Trying to incorporate every specification of the client, we developed a pioneering mobile app on both the platforms Android and iOS. The dynamic features we included were Social Media Login, Events Calendar, Image and Video Sharing, Comments System, Push Notifications about the Events followed and Fan Club. 


  • 1. Mobile App Design
  • 2. Mobile App Development

Technologies Used:

  • 1. Android
  • 2. iOS

Available on the App Store

  • ShredChaser
  • ShredChaser
  • ShredChaser
  • ShredChaser
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