How to choose which CMS (Content Management System) is better?

  • February 27, 2020

CMS (Content Management System) is essentially a software that helps to build a website. It may provide templates and will definitely give a way to create and manage digital content. It is a good tool for the client who wants to manage their own content without the need of a hiring an in-house developer or support team.

With this whitepaper, you will get:

  • What is CMS? How it is helpful?
  • Which features should be included in CMS?
  • Which CMS should you choose from Techno Infonet? WordPress, Joomla or Custom CMS
  • What are the benefits of WordPress, Joomla and Custom CMS?
  • What is the stakeholder requirement to choose CMS?
  • What are the things one should consider when choosing a CMS platform?
  • What mistakes one should avoid when choosing a CMS platform?
  • What questions one should ask a vendor when selecting a website solution?

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