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What things to look for when you plan to Hire PHP Web Developers?

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Learning scripting languages such as PHP is not an easy as it seems. The value that PHP programming language has in today’s market, is demanding great attention for any IT company as the fact that it can develop dynamic web page content or dynamic images used on websites or elsewhere cannot be ignored. Some of the popular PHP websites listed at present are Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia and so on. So, if you are a web developer or a company which provides services for the same will definitely agree that PHP programming is the future of web application development.

With such future growth expectations, getting into PHP web development looks a good opportunity. And to get the advantage of this opportunity, understanding the basics and knowing the techniques of the language becomes one of the essential ingredients. The businesses too search for these ingredients when they hire PHP web developers. The only “hack” to get the position is to enhance your PHP programming skills and try to make the coding efficient. And if you are one of those then read the following bullets to know the hacks that will help you become a great PHP web developer.

The 10 Most Effective Hacks For You

1. Comments Are The Key Players

Remembering why the code was written in a particular way and for what purpose can end up creating confusions. And certainly for a web developer to do so for each and every project is impossible. Thus, using comments efficiently can save much of your time and energy. It will also make your code much neater and readable to others and especially beneficial for those who want to refer to your project for the purpose of learning or interpreting.

2. Replacing Functions With Objects Is Always A Good Idea

Using objects for the functions which include plenty of parameters will simplify your code, eliminating the need for changing all of your calls. PHP follows OOPs (Object-Oriented Programming) concepts which make the code run faster, easier to debug, and utilizes fewer server resources. So, using these concepts wisely will reduce your labor.

3. Constants Can Make Your Code Look Good

The data is stored using constants which are used throughout the code. Thus, using it frequently will save your efforts of using the same values again and again. Moreover, using constants can reduce the burden of long codes and also makes your coding look good.

4. Always Label the Variables

The developers come across a huge set of variables while coding any website or web application prototype and while using the language if the variables are not labeled or named, then they are assigned a default value automatically. So, without any conditions labelling becomes a rule. Practicing the initializing will turn out to be productive while enhancing your skills.

5. Repeating Code is Not A Good Practice

If you are providing your clients PHP web development services, then repeating the code will not be recommended as an ethical coding practice. Using Object-Oriented Programming or functional programming will allow you to write the code without having to use it over and over.

6. Indentation and Spacing Matters A Lot

While coding, the web developers need to take care of the indentation and spacing. This should become a standard practice as not following this will make the codes appear to be jumbled up and certainly a mess. This is an ideal hack for making hundreds and thousands of code lines appear systematic and easy to read and thus they can be understood well.

7. Learning About the Framework

Getting hired as a PHP Web Developer in an IT firm will surely require you to learn about a bunch of PHP frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symphony and many more. The recent trends demand quick application development which will ask for knowledge about frameworks.

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8. Separate Configuration Documents Will Help You Worry Less

Having to edit every page due to a small configuration change will end up annoying you at all times. Thus, to have separate configuration files will avoid such a crisis. So, remember to include your configuration setting at the beginning of the script and not in the script.

9. Avoid using

Avoiding the use of will make your code portable in case you decide to run it somewhere else or say on any other PHP versions across all servers. This makes sure the compatibility more.

10. Always name integer variable as ‘i’

When the code is scrolled over to get a quick glance, then naming the integer variable meaningfully becomes necessary. Making the purpose of the variable should be clearly depicted. This will ensure quick understanding of the code to other developers. So, remember to begin the name of the integer variable with ‘i’.


The world at times demand smart work and not just hard work. Having the good knowledge of the PHP language will help the developers to code in a crisp and clear way, but adding a pinch of smart ‘hacks’ will make them appear much dedicated and focused towards their work. And what else could be more beneficial for a web developer if he gets to improve his programming skills at the same time. Growing and earning simultaneously never harmed any. On the other hand, a business would never expect to demand training for their employees if they already know how to serve the clients well and make them earn well the monetary as well as the reputation in the competitive world.

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