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Techno Infonet is a well-known web development and web design company that specializes in PHP web development. More than 13 years in the field of web solutions, the IT company has mastered the art of creating definitive web solutions keeping in mind all the latest technologies and techniques. Techno Infonet has stacked proficient PHP developers who diligently contribute to the glory of the company.

With more than 1200 completed projects and 150% growth rate, we have triumphantly carved our way to success. All these years of web development have made us mature enough to face all the challenges that come across our way. We put in our experience to come up with solutions that are all coated with elegance and superiority. All our team members are given training in quick succession so that they can match their pace with technical evolutions. This restricts the growth of mediocrity in our work standards. Hard work, dedication and perseverance are the three main pillars that we stand tall on. The web solutions are all crafted keeping in mind the globalized 21st-century economy, hence you won't encounter any outdated results. Praiseworthy results do not happen overnight. There is a lot of endurance, creativity and a detailed understanding of all the PHP techniques and standards that remain behind the scenes. Hire PHP developer from Techno Infonet and own a PHP powered website that stands true to your requirements.

Why hire our dedicated PHP web developers

  • A bunch of experienced team members

    Techno Infonet has some of the finest PHP developers in town who contribute to the glory of our company. When hiring PHP developer a mature process is followed to create a team that is worthy of holding on to the prestige as well as the reputation of our company. We follow a mature hiring process where the end results reflect the level of scrutiny that has been put into choosing expert PHP developers. Apart from the knowledge and expertise, they have a strong intent to come up with solutions that are not only driven by quality, but also has the ability to stand out in a world that is crowded with ordinary solutions.

  • Crystal clear work mechanism

    We maintain a level of transparency in our work mechanism. Regular updates on the project, accepting feedbacks and contemplating on our client's suggestions; make your journey with Techno Infonet worthwhile. We ensure that your presence is validated in every walks of the project development journey.

  • We dwell on longlasting relationships

    Success to us is when our clients come back to us for more services. We love nurturing relations that are coated with quality services and undeterred attention. We have had the privilege to serve clients from UK, USA and 15 more countries to be eloquent. The knack of maintaining relations, providing quality solutions and presenting a great communication skill is what got us our recognition. A 92% client retention ratio is the figurative representation of the quality of the efforts that our PHP programmers have doled out.

  • Quality and secure web solutions

    You will find results that are all immune to bugs, malicious attacks and inconvenience. Moreover, our web solutions are all coated with innovation and quality. Extensive knowledge of the PHP language helps us to come up with results that are far from unsatisfactory in nature.

  • Boost your online visibility

    Our PHP programmers ensure that the codes that they use are all W3C validated so as to enhance your online presence. More traffic equals more potential customers, keeping this in mind, we make use of the relevant techniques to craft an SEO friendly website that could get you your desired traffic.

  • Futuristic solutions

    We take pride in delivering solutions that are not only technically maneuvered but also has a shot of creativity in it. There is a constant honing of skills that make our team members to walk hand in hand with the ever-evolving technology. You will have a competitive advantage as you get to own web solutions that have been crafted keeping in mind all the latest technologies and techniques. Our Expert PHP developers are always exploring the wonders of technology along with mastering it. Having said this, we not only build but also reconstruct web solutions that have been pinched by bugs.

  • Prompt communication

    You will find quality not only in our work, but also in the communication process that is used to bridge our relation with the client. We understand the monetary worth of each and every minute and hence emphasize on quality and prompt communication. Need to voice your opinion or share a concern with us at any stage; we are more than happy to respond at the earliest opportunity. All our team members are proficient in soft skills, making them empathize with your ideologies to carve out the best web solution.

  • Economically priced services

    All our services are priced reasonably so as to encourage a win-win situation. Happy and contented clients motivate us to carry on the legacy of Techno Infonet for years to come with grace and dignity.

Why PHP web development?

More than 2 decades and a million developers and developments; PHP reflects the magnanimity in the world of web development. There are many attributes that have contributed to the popularity of PHP. Let me walk you through some of the reasons that validate the significance of PHP web development.

  • PHP emotes a sense of dynamism that is strongly reflected in its end results. Moreover, the innate ability to run on all popular web servers as well as major platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux, makes it easy to hunt down hosting service providers.
  • PHP is an open source scripting language, making it a widely used and accepted medium for web development. We hire dedicated PHP developers who could do justice to the expectations of our clients.
  • The Built-in connection database modules make it easy to integrate database to the websites that demand content or data management. Hire PHP developer from Techno Infonet and lay your hands on web solutions with an enhanced user experience.
  • PHP comes with a collection of rich frameworks that makes the process of development worthwhile. We have core PHP experts who make the best use of these frameworks Laravel and CodeIgniter in coming up with creative solutions.
  • It is one of the most flexible scripting languages that makes way for a customized web solution. Hiring PHP developer from Techno Infonet will make you own a web solution that perfectly accommodates all your needs and requirements.

Our PHP programming services include the following:

  • PHP Web Development
  • Custom PHP Development
  • Portal Development Solutions
  • E-commerce Development
  • Open Source CMS Solutions
  • PHP based CMS Development
  • Custom PHP Programming
  • Web Application Development
  • Corporate Website Development
  • PHP/MySQL Development

We are more than happy to listen to all your needs and requirements, making efforts to pen down each and every nuance; leaving no stone unturned in crafting web solutions that stand true to your expectations. Happy clients are worth to gratify the hard work that we put in to bring out the best of both worlds. This reputable IT company majorly specializes in PHP programming, hence you will stumble upon a bunch of PHP professionals who are eager to make your dreams come true with pioneering web solutions.

What are you waiting for? Hire dedicated PHP developers from one of the leading IT companies in India, with its roots in USA, UK and get yourself assisted with web solutions that reflect both - your ideas and our endurance.

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