Flash or HTML5 – Which one to choose?

There has always been a combat between the existing technologies and those who are emerging. Nowadays the hot combat going on between the technologies is Flash and HTML5. In past both HTML and Flash had features that could easily decide which one to choose for which requirement. But now as most of the Flash features are supported by HTML5, this dilemma is gaining importance.

What is Flash? Flash is a platform wherein interactive websites are developed. It was launched by Macromedia in 2002. This technology was a big change in the field of animations, videos and games.

What is HTML5? HTML5 stands for the 5th version of Hypertext Markup Language. It was introduced by W3C in 2008. Before HTML5, HTML was used to design web pages. But now with this version we can work on publishing video and audio in the web pages it self.

Major differences between HTML5 and Flash Flash and HTML5 are used to develop websites but while choosing which technology to be used for our requirement, we have to keep some parameters in mind. Secure Video Streaming: Flash supports secure video streaming. RMTP encrypts the flash video which makes it more secure. HTML5 right now doesn’t have any feature for securing its video stream.

Browser Support: Flash video is processed and played by the flash player. This makes the flash video independent from the browsers. That’s the reason why most of the old browsers can play flash files. 80% of the browsers support HTML5.

Mobile Browsing: The most considerable drawback of Flash is that flash files are not supported by most of the mobile browsers. And nowadays mobile surfing is increasing to have a mobile site is more important. HTML5 elements are supported by 99% of the mobile browsers.

SEO Friendly: To have the site on the topmost search results of search-engines, SEO plays a prime factor. Flash websites are not that SEO friendly. The text added to flash declines the indexing of the search engine. HTML5 here again has a plus point. HTML5 sites are more SEO friendly. Also now Google has started indexing the mobile friendly sites differently. So how to judge which one to choose… For this I would suggest,For a video streaming site – Flash is the best option but for an informative site – HTML5 should be the only option. Techno provides HTML5 Web Designing services. To know more about our services please visit https://www.technoinfonet.com/. For any technical query please mail us at support@technoinfonet.com and for sales related query reach us at sales@technoinfonet.com and one of our experts will revert back soon.