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Why Laravel ?

Laravel is the best PHP framework that helps to develop web applications with sturdy features and maintainability. With the focus of writing the code which is simple yet expensive, it helps to develop best apps with simple but expressive syntax. Laravel comes along with amazing features and attributes that increase the level of output, efficiency, and competitiveness along with a time-saving factor.

Techno Infonet is a leading Laravel Web Development company in India, delivering the best Laravel design and development services to the customers worldwide as per their demands. With the help of profound Laravel Developers and high-class infrastructure, we have successfully handled projects of all sizes which have resulted in extraordinary products.

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  • Custom Laravel Development
  • Laravel Web Development
  • Laravel Ecommerce Store Development
  • Benefits of Laravel

  • Great authentication control and an
    effective routing system

  • Benefits of

  • Availability of built-in relational
    mapping framework environment

  • Quality coding environment due to
    its built-in tools and robust security

  • The superior level of flexibility
    and scalability

  • Upgradable and maintainable
    open source framework

How to secure Laravel website?

Laravel website can be secured by taking care of the .env file in Laravel which has all the information that is related to the application and the database. In common scenarios, the file is openly available to the public. The hacker or an attacker can easily use .env file to access the sensitive information on the website. The file manager plays an important role for any kind of hacking in the php websites.


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