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As we slowly headed in the year 2017, we need not to worry about the past but concentrate on the big question – what will be the scenario of Website Design in the year 2017?

Well, 2017 has more. Here are a few Web Design trends for Website Designers, where all their big doubts and questions are resolved.

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  •  The End of Traditional Web Design

    The concept of the traditional is fading away. In this scenario, the role of the Web Design was more than just to have a tech look in the eyes of the audience. But Web Designs are modified into something bigger. Nowadays, the Web Design’s concept is totally changed. The Website Designers simply just don’t make the beautiful but strive hard to have a better user experience. Gone are the days where we emphasized only on the designs. The world of the Website Designers has changed and the traditional practices have become extinct. They focus more on the user experience.

  • GIFs and other animations

    There are a lot of Apps and websites who use animations for the graphical representation. Well, there is no place hidden where you cannot find the GIFs. These are used to just simply draw the customer’s attention for a particular product, offer, or scheme so do not over use them. The GIFs have the capacity to deliver rich product experience, or simply briefs the workflow, or become a guide to the user. To create the GIFs, tools like Photoshop can be helpful.

  • Layouts that let shine the content

    The Design world has seen a sea change in the areas of design, user experience, and in a business role. The design has drifted from slow-in-process “optimization” state to the real tough and competitive advantage. This design evolution is fantastic to watch. Apart from this, we have another evolution which has become the meat on the bones for the web i.e. the content. It has been noticed that people are drawn towards the websites because of the content. Be it a small tweet, or an interesting long-reads, or any other content, and thus the design’s ultimate role of presenting the content in a unique way is fulfilled in a significant way.

  • Improved design workflows

    As the design world is moving at a faster pace, so have the designing tools. They have gained popularity and maturity and have transformed the design patterns from static to real dynamic visuals. The latest designing schemes and patterns should be followed. The use of geometric shapes, lines, and patterns can be helpful in the year 2017. The use of these gives a unique look to the website as the overall design of the website relies heavily on the lines and patterns. Moreover, the use of heading styles on the websites along with the use of some creativity is welcomed with a unique way in the design.

  • Robust Web App functionality

    This web Applications trend will continue its reign even in 2017. The robust web apps combine the web and mobile apps and take the benefit of the plugins, community, etc. They are easy to build, deploy, and maintain than the native apps. For an instance, you have an offer running at your end and want to sell the tickets, you need not develop a new app for that; you can simply make use of a plugin and your job is done. Well, developing from a scratch takes hard work, skill, time, and budget. With the increase in the number of plugins, this year we’ll see Web Design at a different height.

  • Unique branding

    When the tone of the brand and the illustration matches the personality then a unique brand is setup. When the right branding concept is developed, the boost in sales and brand recognition is developed. Surrounded by thousands of brands, to survive is a bit difficult. So, have a unique design, culture, trend, and content.

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Final Thoughts:

Well, the Web Design trends will never come to an end. More and more variety will be immerged as the technology progresses. These were the 2017 trends for the Website Designers which will surely help them survive the year.

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