Why we should use HTTPs?

  • September 14, 2020
  • Website
  • by Techno Infonet

Techno Infonet puts a limelight on topic that might be confusing for few while choosing HTTP and HTTPs for their website.


  • Full form: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  • It helps improve client-server communication over the web.
  • It works as a request-response protocol. It means request is sent by the client and response is triggered by server.
  • Due to its simplicity, it is a widely used protocol.
  • In HTTP, URL begins with http://


  • Full form: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
  • It is highly advanced and allows secure transactions.
  • It helps protect potentially sensitive data.
  • In HTTPs, URL begins with https://


Difference Between HTTP And HTTPS

It was introduced in 1991 It was introduced in 1994
It is unsecured It is secured
It has no added advantage It provides confidentiality and Integrity
Does not use Data Encryption Uses Data Encryption
Does not improve search ranking Helps SEO



  • Initially, HTTPs was used for Online transactions but now they are used for almost all type of websites.
  • HTTP + SSL = HTTPS. SSL is Secure Socket Layer which allows encryptions and decryptions of data over internet.
  • If you’re not yet using HTTPS to secure your website, it’s time to talk to your hosting company, which should issue and install an SSL certificate for you, redirecting your traffic from the HTTP to the https version with little efforts.