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Mobile is ruling this tech-savvy world. Now, having heard the word mobile, we could surely have the intuition of co-relating the mobile with the mobile app developers. And I can say that this co-relation is very true. As an app developer, you should not only now the development, but also be answerable to the client’s queries and questions. Here are a few questions that the client may ask you:

  1. 1. Do you have any past work?

    As a Mobile App Developer, you should keep yourself ready with all types of answers. Nowadays, clients too have become smart. So, they may ask about your past work just to know how professional and capable you are in terms of development. So, you need to be ready with all of your portfolios. Make sure all of your apps are live on the app store.

  2. 2. Can you showcase your past and current clients?

    This can be another question in parallel to the above. If you have a strong portfolio, then you should have a strong client base. And this is very important to have. All NDA clients you can skip but the rest you should be ready to show. This lays a strong impact on the clients and develops a trust that you have such a vast clientele. May be looking at this, they may hire you.

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    3. What are your core services?

    A Mobile App Developer is responsible for creating the app as per the requirements and then submit it to the customer. So, it is but obvious that the client would ask you your core expertise or what are you strong at? You should have an appropriate answer and should be able to showcase all of the apps, designs, and the development that you’ve done so far.

  4. 4. What kind of smartphones will you be using?

    Well, there are times where the client would specifically ask for an Android or IOS App. So, for that, you should have that particular mobile device. After all, this question helps to know how keen, passionate, and approachable the candidate is for a specific mobile platform.

  5. 5. What special features you will implement?

    This is quite obvious where any client can come up with this question. App Development does involve feature implementation. And these features are the ones which catch the user’s attention and helps to sell your business in the fastest way. So, as a developer, you should be ready with all odds that come along the way.

  6. 6. What type of communication will you prefer?

    This is the most important part of any project. Without this, you cannot take any step further. So, prior hiring, it is obvious to decide the mode of communication for the app development. You may choose to email or do Skype calls for better communication.

  7. 7. Do you have a developer account?

    As an app developer, you should have a developer account. If if you don’t, then it clearly defines that you haven’t published any app yet on the play store. Well, this is just for the decision making, where the clients can come to know that you are authenticated.

  8. 8. What will be your Cost?

    This is a must question asked by any client. As a developer, you should be able to tell the client the exact amount of the app. Based on the features and time taken to develop the app counts the actual cost. So, you should be able to evaluate and tell the estimated price of the app. Also, decide the payment terms and conditions and how would you want the payment to be? As a developer, you should prefer to set the milestones and pay after each milestone is complete.

  9. 9. Who will test the app?

    This is the biggest question after the completion of the app before the release. Is the developer only responsible for developing the app or perform some test cases to find any bugs or errors? With these questions in mind, you should be able to come up with a proper answer that justifies your skills and knowledge. The app has to undergo beta groups, app updates, bug fixes, and submission processes to get the app to the app store. So, you need to understand what is beneficial depending upon the client’s requirements and comfortability.

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    10. Will you offer maintenance and support?

    There are clients who just simply want to develop the app and want the app in the app store. But there are a few who wants maintenance and support after publishing. It is possible that the OS gets updated or you find a new error or a bug in the app. So, as a developer, you need to be ready with an appropriate answer to this keeping the cost in mind.

  11. 11. Do you have awards or recognition?

    As a developer, you might have achieved some reward from any top companies or organizations. Or possibly you are a company with developers and designers and have achieved recognition from top organizations. In both the cases, you should have the original proof to showcase which will surely add a plus point in your favor.

  12. 12. Do you provide App marketing Services?

    Just as we have SEO and PPC for websites, we have ASO (App Store Optimization) for the Apps. This process helps to improve the ranking on the app store. The higher you rank in the app’s search results, the more visible are your customer’s. So, if the client is keen to do marketing for his/her app, you should come up with a full-proof answer. This may add an additional cost which you can frankly mention.

  13. 13. Final Thought:

    As a Mobile App Developer, you should be answerable to any of the odd questions that the client asks you. So, in short, be prepared with an appropriate full-proof answer. To hire an app developer, please feel free to contact us at +44 20 8144 6541 / +1 917 675 3286 or email us at

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Techno Infonet is the leading IT development and outsourcing company based in the USA. With over 17+ years of remarkable experience, the company has served various industries with cutting-edge services in numerous domains such as website design & development, CMS-based apps, eCommerce portals, mobile/tablet app development, SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM strategies. The company has successfully achieved an exemplary client retention rate of 92% with its fruitful client-centric solutions.

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