Custom PHP Coding vs PHP Frameworks

The dilemma of whether to use custom PHP coding or ready to use PHP frameworks is very common in web development. Custom PHP coding takes longer time to develop in comparison to the framework. So the question is: is it feasible to go for an easier way every time? Also most of the people are not sure about what is suitable for their requirements.

So here are some pros and cons of Custom PHP as well as PHP Frameworks which will surely help you decide which one suits your needs best. PROS AND CONS OF CUSTOM BASED PHP CODING


Conclusion: For beginners as developers it is better to go with Core PHP as PHP plays a base role in development using frameworks. Clear your concepts for Core PHP and then move forward to frameworks. This will help you in understanding the flow and working of the frameworks. For customers, for light weight creative websites or applications it is better you move to custom coding and for heavy applications you can follow frameworks. Techno Infonet is Leading Open Source Web Development Company based in India. We have been using PHP and its frameworks for development for more than a decade now. For more information on our development services using PHP, please visit us at: To know more about Techno Infonet, please visit us at: