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In today’s world, leaving your home without smartphones is like leaving your trousers home without trousers on. It’s unquestionable that the smartphone has become an essential part of our daily life. People have started carrying out the majority of domestic & financial chores via their PC or mobile. Long ago, people used to visit 2-3 brick and mortar shops before they determine to buy any product from.

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Nowadays products are compared online and the person chooses the product from eCommerce stores or via MCommerce according to accessibility.

The basic difference between E-Commerce and MCommerce

E-Commerce is selling and buying goods, services and products over the internet, e-mail, and telephone. Mobile commerce or MCommerce is selling and buying products, goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as Smartphones or personal digital assistant (PDAs). The trend of eCommerce has been in the market for quite a time now, but the MCommerce is comparatively new. There are some important dissimilarities between MCommerce and eCommerce in terms of their inception, technologies and the features of the services they can offer. Besides, the way people select, purchase, connect, and use mobile apps is not the same way they behave on the website.

All about eCommerce

With the growing numbers of internet users a lot of people believe eCommerce will soon be the prime mode to accomplish business transactions. There are purchasers as well as businesses similarly that are profiting by e-commerce. Did you know 2015 promises to boom after heady 2014, with U.S.-based e-commerce predicted to reach $350 billion in sales by year’s end?

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The various eCommerce business models:

  • Business to Consumer (B2C) – Portal, service provider, broker, market creator
  • Business to Business (B2B) – Infomediary, matchmaker, e-Distributor, Marketplace (B2B hub)
  • Consumer to Business (C2B) – Elance (bidding sites)
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C) _ Commercial auction sites
  • Business to Employee (B2E) – Intranet

Pros of eCommerce:

  • eCommerce increases sales and decrease costs.
  • With the help of eCommerce reach narrow market segments that are widely scattered geographically.
  • eCommerce provides shoppers with a huge collection of choice compared to traditional commerce.
  • Increase customer base
  • Boost sales
  • The doors never close 24/7, 365 days and profits will keep growing.
  • Augment business reach
  • Repeated payments made effortless.

Cons of eCommerce:

  • Security problems.
  • Credit card problems.
  • Additional expenditure and expertise for eCommerce set-up.
  • Requirement for broadened reverse logistics.
  • Adequate internet service.
  • Continuous maintenance.

All about MCommerce:

The impulsive growth of mobile commerce has left many brands and merchants pondering how they can extract the advantage of this market.

Let’s check out these MCommerce Stats

Half of eCommerce will be conducted through tablets and smartphones by 2018. 1.2 billion NFC-enabled smartphones are projected to be sold in 2015.

The various MCommerce business models:

  • Selling Your Application
  • Freemium – Sell an enhanced version of an app, Sell in-app advertising, Up selling content packs
  • Outspread an existing business into the mobile world – Enhancing an existing line of business, Extending your reach to new customers
  • Contrive an app as a service
  • Create an app as a subscription
  • Mobilize an existing technology
  • Make an app that extends a web business
  • Merchandise affiliate products through your app
  • Build an app for someone else

Pros of MCommerce:

  • Encompass vast distance
  • Exclusive consumer deals
  • Saves user’s time and money
  • Handy to use

Cons of MCommerce:

  • User gets tired of navigating in moderately small screen of smartphone
  • People avoid changing with new technologies rapidly.
  • Mobile commerce is the growing field and a lot of investment in this field becomes risky.
  • Mobile commerce needs the high-speed connectivity of 3G without that it becomes difficult for the user to complete the shopping process.

Now whether you want to go for eCommerce development or MCommerce development to burgeon your business would completely depend on your business requirement and fiscal estimate. However, choose a leading IT Design and Development company with long-term experience and extensive expertise like Techno Infonet. We have a crew of professional designer and developer who can guide you with which technology to pick and are well equipped to help you with custom eCommerce Development and MCommerce Development too. For more information, contact us.

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