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CodeIgniter, an open source framework, is generously used to create web solutions that are vibrant and par excellence. This PHP web framework has all the right reasons for being widely used by the developers.

High-end security and many inbuilt features are a few reasons that have made CodeIgniter Development Services in demand. When you are developing a web solution in this PHP web framework, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to boost your web solution’s performance.

So what are the effective CodeIgniter tips that effectively help in improving the website’s performance? Read on to find out.

1. Remove libraries that are not required :

There arises a situation where each and every library may not be put to use during the development process. It is always advisable to remove all these libraries that have not been put to use so that you could save your space on the server. Be careful while you are removing these libraries as they should not have been used anywhere else. You can delete all the unused libraries when you are moving to host server.

2. Scale down the server response time :

The amount of time that the server takes to respond to the browser’s request can be very well defined as the server response time. A good server response time is indicative of a good CodeIgniter performance optimization. A good web hosting service, making use of fewer server resources, etc. are some of the techniques to scale down the server response time and improve the overall performance of the website with these CodeIgniter Development Services.

3. Delete index.php from the URL :

To improve the performance of your website you can very well remove the index.php from the website’s URL. When you use CodeIgniter, index.php gets included in the URL by default. Hence, remove index.php for a search engine optimized URL.

4. Do not forget to use Autoload :

Make the best use of Autoload whenever required. The use of $autoload array can be put to practice for loading resources such as libraries, helpers, etc. At the same time, care should be taken that it should not be overused otherwise it might slow down the performance of your website. Hence use it wisely.

5. Put all the configuration in the config directory :

Start creating a separate file wherein you get to store all the config options instead of setting configuration values in every function. This will help you in creating a website that has performance par excellence. At first, this process may seem quite time-consuming, but gradually it will help you in the long run by saving you some extra time.

6. Shift the application directory outside the system folder :

How about moving the application directory outside the system folder? By doing so you need not hunt down the system directory every time you want to access a controller or a model. Hence, move the application directory to another folder according to your convenience. Also if you put the system directory and the application direction in one folder you need not change anything.

7. Use loops carefully :

There are times when the developer makes use of loops, as they are one of the powerful programming tools to enhance the development process. What if there is one slow operation executed in a problem that is inside a loop? It would lead to a much bigger problem.

This states that you need to be careful while assessing your loops, especially the nested, as one small problem could get magnified if it has a loop in it. Hence, make yourself aware of the expensive loops so as to avoid wasting your time in solving bulky errors and execute a well-performing website.

8. Make use of Sprites :

A sprite could be best described as a bitmap graphic that could either be a static image or an animated graphic. It is advisable to make use of sprites so as to improve the performance of your website.

The images on the website usually send a request to the server. If you make use of sprites, you get to make a collection of images which eventually cuts down the multiple requests that would be sent to the server. This considerably increases the performance of the website.

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9. Content Compression :

A website is often loaded with a plethora of content. This makes it necessary to compress the content so that you get to save on the bandwidth, which in turn aces up the performance of the website. With CodeIgniter, you can do this effectively by setting compress_output variable to true in config.php file.

Final Note :

Above-mentioned are some of the CodeIgniter tips that when followed helps in improving the website’s performance to a great extent. Moreover, this open source framework has a huge developer community that steps forward to provide assistance via forums, GitHub, IRC as well as third-party libraries and plugins to help the CodeIgniter developers. Apart from these, it is the expertise and knowledge of the developer that ultimately results into an authentic web solution.

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