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12 Questions That The Clients May Ask The Mobile App Developers

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In order to continue to be successful and competitive, a business needs to be up-to-date with the latest developments hitting the deck. Currently, developments in mobiles are taking place at a much faster rate and so it’s but obvious that our businesses have to heat up too. Starting from a small business like a coffee shop and a beauty salon to huge businesses like Amazon and Flipkart, we see Apps have turned out to be a huge source of income, client satisfaction, and a medium of business.

So, now to run a business we need a supportive and an efficient companion who meets the business needs. Here are some major reasons why this companion – ‘An App’ is necessary for the business.

Working with many bespoke firms to meet client’s requirements, we simply don’t just deliver ‘out-of-the-box-solution’ but through our tailored team, you and your business can walk a long way out with the app that is your own.

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  • Staying one step ahead

    Currently, in the market, we see almost all businesses have websites depicting their business. But a few, out of those 100s of websites have Mobile Apps. Well, the reason for not having an App may be different but you see, you are missing out many important things that an app can give you. Websites too offer services and solutions that a customer wants but having an app adds an advantage as it saves their time and allows for swiping the pages across the mobile rather than visiting the websites.Here at Techno Infonet, our handpicked qualified team has worked on over 900+ projects in the last 11+ years. During these quality years, we have seen a sharp and a rapid inclination towards the use of the mobile apps. We have used various approaches in developing the apps successfully as per the client’s requirements.

  • Accessible at all times

    We spend most of our time on mobile phones. The use of the mobile phones is not limited; it has crossed the boundaries beyond our imagination. The task which we thought that the mobile should perform is performed in just one click. But still there are only a handful of apps that have 100% usage but it doesn’t change the fact that user will scan, look, and search the app store for different apps.For e.g. Starbucks, they have built an app which offers a built-in rewards system to earn free drinks. Another disruptive mobile commerce example is Uber which connects riders to drivers, retooling urban transportation at much lower rates. No doubt that both the services are different but their motto to expand business and earn much client satisfaction is fulfilled with an easy approach – Mobile Apps.

  • Creates a marketing channel

    Apps come along wearing different hats – general information, purchasing, advanced search, news feeds, notifications, messaging, and much more. The greatest advantage of having a mobile app is that every information that you’d like to provide to your customers – sales, promotions, services, and solutions – is done at their fingertips. Push notifications allow you to get even closer as you have a direct contact with them and can easily invite and remind customers about your services and products.

  • Healthy customer engagement and Revenue

    Improved customer service is one of the reasons why small and medium sized businesses are building apps. Apps connect your trusted and long-term customers and open up a true medium of communication. You can reward your customers with coupons, schemes, discounts, and some loyalty programs keeping them intact with the apps.You can open new revenue channels and monetize your apps with the in-app advertisements or by attaching the price tags to the app or come up with a paid feature.

  • Get priceless customer insights

    The priceless benefit of having an app is that you can identify the most hopeful and rising regions, customer needs, demographic segments, and performance of your app. All this information can be useful in developing new products, identifying new business opportunities, and product enhancements to meet the customer demands.

    Now, you might think after gaining the knowledge about the usefulness of Apps in the business world, how much expense one bears to boost his / her business. To be frank, it totally depends on your demands; how and what you want to achieve. Regardless, of the budget, we ensure to deliver the best mobile solution that suits your business with a high ROI.

    You might have a question how is app beneficial or what can an app do for my business. Here are a few Apps that we have successfully accomplished which might help you answer your question:

  • Ryda App – We have developed Taxi / Cab App to provide expeditious and efficient transportation experience to its customers all over South Africa.
  • Swap Once App – We have developed a Digital Business Card App through which people can design their own business cards and exchange with other business holders to expand their network. To get more information, please visit the Whitepaper – SwapOnce – Digital Business Card System.
  • Shred Chaser App – We have developed Social Networking App for Sports lovers who loves snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, surfing, wake or kiteboarding to boxing and beyond.

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