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The previous year, Android Lollipop operating system had grabbed everyone’s attention with its visual revamp. But this year the Google-owned mobile operating platform Android M is now the front-page news. Unleashed during Google’s annual I/O developer conference 2015 in San Francisco, Android M vows to offer a plethora of neoteric features for Android smartphones and tablets, comprising Google’s new Android Pay mobile payment system, support for fingerprint readers and a lot more. It is said that this innovative OS fixes lots of annoying glitches, with its newly incorporated features to keep Google’s operating system rival with Apple’s iOS.

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Take a walk through the major stability and usability enhancements that you can experience in your gadgets when Android M gets released in the third quarter of 2015.

Innovative & newfangled features of Android M:

  • Application Permission:

    As we all know, when we visit the Google Store for there is a long list of things which developer want access of. Therefore, to make it simpler for the users to keep track of what phone features should access be given for, now user’s permission would be taken in specific categories such as Sensor, Location, and Camera.

  • Web Experience:

    After exploring the user trends pertaining to the usage of web content to cater amazing user experience while interacting with apps and websites, Google has brought into picture “Chrome Custom Tabs”. This innovative feature provides you a way to use chrome capabilities optimally, keeping control over the feel and look of the experience at the same time. With the help of this feature, you will be able to open a customized Chrome window on the top of the running app, instead of opening the Chrome app separately. So, get seamless and instinctive UX while you navigate between apps and web.

  • Fingerprint Support:

    If your device has a fingerprint scanner, you can make use of this feature for authorization purpose instead of having to enter a pin or password. So, now get to use Android payment/Google Wallet effectively and expeditiously.

  • Android Pay:

    Google is actually revamping its very own mobile payment service, which it had introduced in 2010 along with Android Gingerbread. Also, Android phones have been including NFC since long. Now with the latest version this operating system will bring in Android Pay to use them in stores and you can just tap on an NFC terminal to pay for the products you buy. Android Pay which is Google Wallet now helps you create an account without sharing your actual credit/debit card numbers to keep it safe. The developer now will be able to permeate this facility inside apps to make purchasing faster and smoother.

  • Volume Control:

    To keep altering the volume level for your notifications, ringtones and alarms, you generally have to get into the Settings menu to do that. With Android M, a small drop down arrow is added to the main volume menu. Now controlling volume properly is as simple as ABC.

  • App Links:

    The next upgrading in the latest Android M release is anticipated towards managing Web links. Up to now, clicking a link within an app stimulates a popup message asking the user to open it in a Web browser or open it within the app. But Android M, developers can have the operating system verification whether a link should open within an app or open a new one.

  • USB Type-C Support:

    Android M will bring full support for Type C, which brings with it the facility of reversible charging. Now, very soon Android phones and tablets can be charged faster and effortlessly, Thank you to the more handy charging techniques.

  • Doze mode:

    This pioneering feature uses motion detection to measure the status of the device. The moment it identifies that the handset is idle it will put the handset in “Doze Mode”.During the time when the mobile is dozing, the battery improves up to 2 times while in standby mode, keeping real time notification and alarms continued.

  • Now on Tap:

    This feature functions as an astute virtual assistant, giving you contextual information based on the content on your mobile screen during the scenarios while you browse a website, receive text messages or when listen to music.

  • Uninstall Apps on the Home screen:

    With Android M you can at last uninstall/delete apps directly from the home screen Google Now launcher just by dragging them to the top/right of the screen. Deleting applications was never so simple and useful.

These are a few officially announced Android M features which you should know about. Android M is a huge radical change in the world of operating system and its version. Looking at inclination of users towards Android OS, it is advisable to count on Android App Development for your business. Techno Infonet is a reputed Mobile Application Development Company based in the USA since 2004. We have pro mobile developers who can develop cutting edge Android Apps that can top the play store. If you are looking to hire mobile developers for your project, we can help. To know more about us, visit

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