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WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) is held annually by Apple Inc. The conference tells us about the latest updates which Apple is going to come up with its different platforms and in its OS. The WWDC 2017, was from 5 – 9 June 2017, at San Jose, California. This year the major changes and updates are seen in iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS.

Latest updates at WWDC 2016

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So, here are the major changes in all four platforms:

  1. macOS High Sierra:
    1. Auto play blocking which allows you to block all the audios and videos that interrupt your reading.
    2. Safari has Intelligent tracking Prevention which avoids the tracking.
    3. Search in mail is now using Spark light to identify your top hits
    4. A split view to compose an email
    5. Photos have new view in a chronological order.
    6. Face recognition is improved which automatically identifies all of the faces.
    7. Photo editing tools are now improved.
    8. Apple File System is being introduced to Mac.
    9. Metal for VR in High Sierra.
    10. Working with Var which will introduce STEAM VR SDK to Mac and working with Unity and UNREAL to bring their engines in the VR.
      1. iMac:
        1. CPU is of 7th generation Intel Core processor which is known as kaby Lake
        2. macOS’s brightness is now improved 43% more brightening capacity with a variety of 1 billion different colors.
        3. Memory capacity is now 32GB on 21.5 inches and 64GB on 27 inch
        4. Super fast storage fusion drive on 27-inch devices and has up to 50% faster SSDS.
        5. 2 USPC connectors support Thunderbolt 3.
          1. 21.5 inch iMac Retina:
            1. 80% faster in graphics
            2. It has 4GB VRAM that makes it to 3x times in graphics
          2. 27 inch
            1. 8GB VRAM and 5.5 teraflops of graphics
            2. Mac Books are now 50% faster in SSDS with faster standard graphics in 15 inch Pro.
      2. Mac Pro
        1. 18 core Xeon Processor powerful than ever made.
        2. It will use Radeon Vega Graphics to bring classic graphics
        3. 16 GB of VRAM and up to 400GB per sec memory manual
        4. up to 22 Teraflops of precision.
        5. 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports.
        6. 32GB ECC Memory
  2. watchOS 4
    1. It automatically displays the updates that are relevant to you with the same intelligence that is applied in iOS.
    2. The kaleidoscope phase helps you out when you want less information with more graphics which changes throughout the day.
    3. More character other than Minnie like Woody, Jessie, and Buz Lightyear is going to introduce this year.
    4. The Activity notification is now personalized.
    5. The monthly challenges are designed to help you repeat any task that you want to frequently.
    6. Enhanced the Workout App which has become more powerful with the new UI. You can sync your gym equipment who are the largest manufacturers in the world.
    7. The Music App will automatically all the music that you love listen so that you can easily play your favorite music. Supports multiple playlists.
    8. A flashlight in the control center is introduced for your blinking safety light when you are evening run.
  3. tvOS
    1. Amazon is coming in all Apple TVs later this year with Amazon Prime video
  4. Introducing 10+ In-House Professional Experts for Custom Mobile Application Development

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  5. iOS 11
    1. Messages: messages gets automatically synchronized with other devices in which you sign in.
    2. Apple pay: person to person payments
    3. Siri: deep learning to create new sound effects which bring out natural voice
    4. Translation is now possible in Siri
    5. Improved image clarity for the photos
    6. a major redesign in the control center is now a single page wherein all of the features are now in one page.
    7. Wifi Doppler effect if you do not have your Bluetooth that you are moving in the car.
    8. The speaker inside your Home Kit wherein you can access to AirPlay 2 protocol which multi-room audio throughout iOS.
    9. Improved AR which identifies all surfaces
      1. iPad Pro
        1. powerful than ever 10.5-inch display
        2. HDR video
        3. True tone display for automatic white balance
        4. Wide color gamut for best color
        5. Ultralow reflectivity
        6. 600 nits brightness
        7. 120 Hz refresh rate
        8. 30% faster CPU performance
        9. 40% faster graphics
        10. battery life is for about 10 hour
        11. all latest camera features are same as iPhone 7.
      2. iOS for iPad
        1. Dock: you can fill in as many apps you want and can summon the dock from anywhere on the screen
        2. Multitasking: run 2 apps at a time
        3. Drag and Drop: Drag anything, multi-select and drop it where you want
        4. Files: manages all nested folders, spring loading, list view, favorites, etc
        5. also, supports third party storage apps like Dropbox, one drive, google drive, etc

Home Music called the HOMEPOD

  1. A 7-inch tall device can control all of your home kit devices remotely built-in in your iPhone and iPad
  2. automatically detects the spaces within
  3. you can watch news, weather, traffic, podcasts, reminder, etc through this device

All of these will be available by Fall.

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