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Which is the best choice for Web Development in 2021 PHP vs Java

Web development is the new success recipe of companies. Every enterprise wants a better hold of it. Hiring a web development service is a great solution but not the answer. Now that the world is aware of the immense capacity of web development in heightening one’s online reach, a new debate has started. The new debate is between the two programming languages, PHP and Java. The entrepreneurs are confused about which side to choose for web development. This question is most difficult for the startups as they have to be at their best to conquer the already populated market and make their mark. Therefore, they need to decide which programming language to go ahead with. The sudden boom in the online business has also spiked the need for web development, intensifying this debate further.

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There are certain differences between the two languages, but that may not help us define which language is superior. So let’s give it to the development environment of the web development to decide which web development language is better. If you are also confused about the same, then you go through the rest of the blog to have a clear understanding at the end.

What are the two languages?

Java is a cross-platform programming language that has to be written once to run on every compatible platform. Many big companies such as Google, Netflix, and Amazon use it. PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor that is open-sourced and server-side scripting language. Famous companies such as Facebook and Wikipedia have been successfully using them.


We have to begin with security as it is the priority of every enterprise. With advancements in technology, the rate of online malicious practices has also increased. There is no doubt that we can hire PHP developers and Java developers and make your website secure. But let’s look at some of the basics about security in both languages. Java is known to be a complex and high-level language whereas PHP is a simple language that can be quickly implemented for web pages. The former is known to be more memory-safe and has its tools for security. On the other hand, PHP uses other frameworks for security which implies that you can select the PHP language and opt for the desired security framework to develop a fail-proof web framework for your company. In the end, both these languages can deliver the required security.


We can have the desired performance from both languages at the end. If compared, PHP is a less complex language than Java, where we do not have a compilation process like Java. PHP offers a reasonable and uniform speed at every step, whereas opening a Java-based application will need total loading to reach optimum speed. The page loading speed of PHP is more than Java which makes it a highly recommended programming language for web development.


Web development is not only about writing codes but many other aspects such as debugging and editing. Java is the high-level language that provides you editing, packing, and debugging tools. IDEs such as Netbeans and editors such as notepad++ give Java an upper hand when compared with PHP. These editing and debugging tools make web development more comfortable and swifter.


Irrespective of the development time, every enterprise desire to have stability in the code. For long, Java codes have been considered to be more stable as compared to PHP. However, the codes are complex and long which takes a longer time for implementation. With due care during development and testing, stability can be achieved with both languages.

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Development time

Time invested in web development holds importance for small firms and entrepreneurs ready to dig their hands into coding due to budget constraints. PHP is easy to learn and can be implemented faster than Java. In the case of Java, developers with a hands-on primary coding language such as C and C++ find it easy and they can develop the web page at a fast pace.

Cost- effectiveness

We can make clear-cut segregation in terms of cost. PHP is opted by firms that want to save their money on the license fee. On the other hand, large enterprises opt for Java to get seamless editing, packaging, and debugging tools with Java for free. The cost of using PHP may go up if we use different frameworks for editing and debugging. But overall, PHP development is considered cheaper.

Now, that we have highlighted the programming languages’ major aspects, let’s find a suitable language for you. If you are a large organization that wants to launch an enterprise-based application whose longevity has to be unexpectedly long, Java is your go-to language. Java comes with different tools to manage and process, which makes development very smooth and efficient. However, these dynamics are expected to change as we progress. The online industry is booming at a rapid pace and every business is striving to establish a strong digital presence. Waiting to develop long, complex and stable codes will let your competitor win the race. Time has emerged as a success determinant in online businesses and PHP might be the programming language that will give you the lead. Even if you are a small enterprise willing to scale your online presence immediately with online applications, you can choose PHP. It is cheaper to use, easy to implement, and highly responsive.


Both the languages, PHP and Java, are capable of providing you with desired results. Though Java language is known to have a larger talent pool, it is not a constraint in opting for PHP. Talented developers for both languages are available. There will be all about speed as the faster the one develops; the better market lead they will have. Choosing the web development language can become the primary step of software development practices to ensure time-bound fast web development. Whichever language is selected, the growth has to be well-planned and developed.

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As a senior team lead, Mr. Jitendra Yadav is well versed in all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects along with front-end and back-end development in-depth knowledge. He has been working with PHP, Angular CLI, and React JS languages for more than 13 years.

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