Employee Of The Month Goodie

We as a human always have a desire that we receive a reward or a word of mouth from our colleagues or from our superiors for the efforts and the hard work that we put in. Then how about the company keeping a note of your hard work and acknowledging it.

Such an initiative called “Employee Of The Month” was started at Techno Infonet from April 2016 to acknowledge the hard work put in by the employees throughout the month. The lucky employee for the month of April was Hirak Sheth from the Technical Department. He for the same received a goodie dinner voucher of The Momo Café at Courtyard Marriot, Ahmedabad and every Saturdays off.

Who can resist himself/herself after hearing / listening about dinner at Courtyard Marriot? Here’s is a dream come true moment and his wonderful experience at Marriot.The excitement and eagerness began the day he received the reward which became more prominent on 19 May 2016 when he made himself for dinner. OMG! Then what? He simply realized that the heaven is down on the Earth! He says Marriot is full of luxuries and world class amenities. They welcome corporate men to have their business conferences and also to vacationing families to spend their leisure time of vacation.

Amazed by the ambiance and the hospitality of Marriot, he was lead by the 2 members of the hospitality team towards the dinner table at Momo Café. The open kitchen Café offers la carte along with modern and chic décor and also the delicious buffet. He was served with delicious Jain food which included unlimited starters and the main course. Last but not the least, my selfie moment captured all of the wonderful memories of the Courtyard Marriot and The Momo Café which were unbelievable and unforgettable.