Top 7 Benefits of using PHP Frameworks for Web Development

  • October 22, 2021

PHP is one of the oldest programming languages that hasn’t lost its popularity among developers even in 2021. Some surveys have even reported that PHP is used by over 80 percent of the websites present across the world wide web. One of the reasons PHP has not lost its relevance even in this day and age is because of all the frameworks that have been released over these years. PHP frameworks are nothing but platforms that help you create PHP web applications. These platforms help developers save time and effort by cutting down the amount of code that the developers should write manually by providing code libraries and tools to execute commonly used functions. Popular frameworks used by developers include Laravel, CodeIgniter, Cake PHP, Symphony, Zend, and a few others. 

The infographic given below lists down the top 7 benefits of using PHP framework for your web development project.

Benefits of using PHP Frameworks

1. Rapid Development:

The built-in libraries and tools within the PHP frameworks help reduce the amount of original code that the developers have to write and as a result helps speed up the development process. The developers can utilize the time saved on focusing on other aspects like improving user experience and providing a quality output. 

2. Improves Security:

The developer community contribute a lot towards improving the PHP frameworks. They provide important feedbacks based on their usage, which helps identify issues and roll out updates that fix such vulnerabilities discovered. Moreover, the built-in features and tools aids developers protect their web applications from security hazards.  

3. Supports Teamwork:

The PHP frameworks help support better team work as the developers are familiar with the frameworks in most cases. You don’t need to train your team to construct code for various functions as the code libraries, User-defined function and tools available helps them to get on the task on hand quickly with less explanation required.

4. Standard Coding Practices:

PHP frameworks are developed by some of the most efficient developers in the industry who usually follow the best industry coding styles, practices and methods. The frameworks hence help you in organizing the code in a much manageable way by keeping it neat and clean. 

5. Better Maintenance:

The PHP frameworks follow the Model-View-Controller Architectural Pattern which makes it easy to control and helps you organize your code for easy maintenance. This also provides a strong structure for your application which is easy to read, test and develop further.

6. Community Support:

When the developers that uses these frameworks face issues, they reach out to other developers for guidance by posting the issue on the internet. The developers that are better familiar with the framework help find solution for the problems faced by fellow developers. This means that you can find solution to your problems simply by searching or if required posting them on the internet. 

7. Decreases Cost: 

Most of the PHP frameworks are open-source and are free to use, helping bring down the cost of significantly down. The tools and code libraries help in reduction of time and expertise required for developing in turn reducing the labor overheads connected to the project.