Techno Infonet

”Live and work but do not forget to play to have fun in life and really enjoy it – Eileen Caddy

Life is too short to live and enjoy. You never know what happens next. So it becomes necessary for us to grab every single opportunity we get to enjoy and make it a memorable one. No doubt work is important, but we need to seize out some time where all get-together and enjoy to the fullest.

As far as companies are concerned, it has become a new trend where the employees set aside the time of recreation, outing, activities, and much more. Willard Gaylin has rightly said “Life is to be enjoyed, not simply endured. Pleasure and goodness and joy support the pursuit of survival”. Well, at Techno Infonet we don’t skip the chances of having fun and enjoyment. We on every 2nd and 3rd working Saturdays play games and relax after work.

We eagerly were waiting for the Saturday to come and when it arrived we waited for the time when we would gather and enjoy ourselves. We decided to play Dumsherads in a unique way on the 2nd Saturday. We divided ourselves into 2 teams. One member would come from one team and the other team would suggest a movie name for which the danner have to draw images, incidences, and clues such that his / her team could guess the movie right. Each of the team members did well in their allotted time limit, depicting their creative drawing abilities and the struggle to make his / her team member guess the movie right. We had a good time playing this unique game and then departed home happily.

Later, in the 3rd week of the month of August, on the 4th Saturday, we again gathered ourselves with wonderful games to play and have some leisure time with our colleagues and teammates. One of our team members came up with an idea of playing musical chair. We enthusiastically revolved around the chairs on the music. Finally, Darshan became the winner and as the part of his winning, we made him sing a song in front of us. He bravely sang a song. Later those who all participated in this game were also made to sing their favorite songs. We, in our capacities sang different songs making the atmosphere more melodious. We all gossiped and had a great time together.

“Where people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work – David Ogilvy