Techno Infonet

In the daily busy life, we forget to give some refreshment and stress-free time to our self. We just keep focusing on our work and family without thinking of our stress. Everyone needs some time for living a life that is stress-free. Hence, some amount of refreshment is necessary to keep a balance between our work and life.

In Techno Infonet our HR plans some interesting activities on every 2nd and 4th working Saturday to make the employees feel refreshed and active. With the season of Diwali lingering around “Lamp making” competition’ was the best idea to go for the Saturday activity plan. So, our HR decided to host a Lamp Making competition on 2nd Saturday in the office premises.

Saturday is a fun and refreshing day at Techno Infonet. A Lamp making competition in the work premises could not have been a better way to celebrate the Diwali festival. Creativity is an art to represent the quality and thinking level of any individuals. Also, it defines the growth and success of the business. So, at Techno, our HR decided to find out how creative the employees were.

The competition began at 5 pm wherein the employees were given the freedom to make lighting lamps for Diwali decoration using all of their creativity. As soon as the HR began the competition, all the employees started putting their thoughts and ideas. Papers, sticky notes, decorative pieces and many such things were put to use for decorating the lamp. The time limit for the competition was 1 and half hour. Apart from showcasing their creativity, the employees were also supportive and generous with the materials that they had bought for decoration. They shared the materials with their team members so as make it a fair game. There were different- a different design made, drawing done on the paper and all sorts of paper creativity started popping up on the employee’s table.

We all enjoyed the competition. The employees also took a look at how their teammates had made the lamps. All the team members really enjoyed this competition, had fun and enjoyed the delicious snacks. In the end, we selfied all the beautiful and fun moments