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We’ve heard of getting our websites Mobile First since 2015 “Mobilegeddon”. Well, we can say that SEO is important than ever. But still, we tend to make mistakes. Here, are a few Mobile SEO mistakes that we often make, that should be stopped to gain better SEO. Speed Page speed is the most important Google…

  • Speed

    Page speed is the most important Google ranking factor. Well, maximum people avoid visiting and abandon the sites that are taking more time to load. So, it becomes necessary that the speed of the website is up to the mark. In short, your goal should be such that it renders in just seconds. Well, if your website is lagging behind in terms of speed, then try to have fewer redirects. The external files such as CSS and JavaScripts are the factors that try to increase the website’s speed. In such a case, you can use minified CSS and JavaScript. Keep the pages simple and clean and remove the unused elements from the pages. To improve the page speed, you need to use the compressed images and should check the hosting solutions especially for the E-commerce websites.

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  • Restricted files

    The most common of all SEO mistakes is the use of restricted files in the websites. When you try to search the websites, Google should be able to crawl the website as normal websites do. Now, if the website is not able to access the JavaScript, CSS, JS, etc files, then this hampers your website ranking. To check some critical issues and to know whether the elements are allowed by the site, then you can check your website on Google Search Console and get to know the status for this. Test all of your URLs whether they are functioning well or not.

  • Interstitial Ads

    Well, Ads play a vital role in getting business. People are attracted to it more easily. But, at times these become a hindrance when you are visiting a site in mobiles or on desktops. They not only occupy space but at times they become an unnecessary part of the website. Thus, due to the loading of such ads that occupy a large amount of space, the speed of the website is affected and moreover because of bad user experience, the site ranks low in organic search. You need to rethink over the mobile site. There are popups which occupy the maximum area of the page regardless the page occurs immediately after the user hits enter of comes by scrolling of the page. There are Ads which redirects to a page by accidentally clicking these interstitial ads There are such misleading layouts that prompt the user to visit these ads These are such possibilities where you get to that your ranking are going low and the user-experience is poor. Thus, due to such ads, the rankings too are affected.

  • Ignoring the content

    There are people who think that the content doesn’t really matter in the case of SEO and rankings. But that’s not really true. People come across a lot of content when they access it through their mobile phones. Well, there are certain activities that people wish to do it through their mobile phones. Activities involve sports, weather, or reading a newspaper; people are interacting with content everyday and every minute. Well, Google does check plagiarism for the content that is written on the website. So, we can say that the content plays an important role in getting rankings.

  • Faulty redirects

    If the websites are not optimized for mobiles, then such redirects play a crucial role in getting ranks. Usually, this scenario is seen when the website and the mobile URL are separate. Mostly the users are redirected to somewhere else when they try to access a certain page on mobile or desktop. But due to insufficient pages and faulty redirects, there are chances that the rankings are affected.Well, there are cases where a mobile user accidentally lands on the desktop version, then the mechanism should be such that the user should redirect to that particular page rather than he/she being redirected to the home page of the mobile. Also, if you do not have sufficient pages for mobile, you should leave the users to the desktop site only. Such things will help you increase your ranking factors and lead for good SEO.

  • Poor Design

    Design plays an important role in user-experience and in the case of rankings. If you hold a mobile friendly website, then the design should be mobile friendly in nature. The designs which are not mobile responsive, Google doesn’t even recognize them and in the end, lead to bad SEO and low ranking.

  • Mobile Viewport not properly specified

    Mobile phones come in different shapes and sizes. So, it is recommended that the website is user-friendly in all devices. If the view port is not specified correctly, then the users experience the pages are not fitted properly in the device. We see size issues here. So, you can use CSS and media queries for styling and designing the correct mobile friendly design.

Final Thoughts:

If you have a mobile site then you should avoid such SEO mistakes which hamper Mobile SEO. There are chances where you may go wrong, but if warned at the earliest then there are chances to avoid those mistakes.

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