An Awe-inspiring experience @ Patang!!

One of the best ways to motivate an employee is to shower bundles of appreciation for their quality of work. When an employee feels appreciated, they are not only satisfied with their job but would also be motivated to do better; influencing their productivity.

Here at Techno Infonet, we appreciate our employees by giving them the “Employee of the Month” award; a moment in which every employee eagerly waits for! Apart from this certificate, the winner also receives a Couple Voucher of Patang Hotel along with an off on all working Saturdays. For the month of April, Nikita Roy was awarded the Employee of the Month for her exceptional HR skills.

She chose 19th June 2018, her birthday, to celebrate this achievement. She went with her family to celebrate this occasion. She says “I felt really good and amazed when I entered the place. The view was spectacular! One could see the whole of Ahmedabad from a height of 221 feet. The view of Sabarmati was so mesmerizing that I just wished to spend my entire day staring at the beautiful view.” From starters to the main course; the food was beautifully arranged in a buffet system. Once she was done with the main course she headed towards the best part of the evening – a delicious scoop of dessert. She and her family had a really great time, enjoying the beauty of the place and the food. It was a day spent well.

In the end, she captured all the beautiful moments in selfies and photos which she saved as a memory to be cherished. “It was indeed a fantastic evening”, she exclaimed.