Employee Of The Month – February 2019

We always want success in the path of our career. For achieving success we give our best in our work without giving a second thought to it. But at the same moment when it comes to achieving the small successes in our career, we all need some kind of motivation. This motivation gives us the confidence that we are going in the right direction for getting success.

At Techno Infonet, we have provided a simple “Motivation” for all our employees. The motivation here is the Employee Of The Month, which we award to our employees every month depending on various factors. And thus, by receiving this award we aim to provide motivation and strength to the employees to grow more for the rest of the days.

For the month of February ‘2019, the Employee of the Month was awarded to Chirag Ghevariya “PHP Developer”, from the Development Department. Throughout the month, he was regular and punctual in work and other bits. He has shown courage and taken the step towards success in all of his tasks. He has also taken some fruitful initiatives for the betterment of the company. His initiatives have been brought goodwill to the company. The key factor that the management saw in him were: the timely completion of assigned tasks, good technical skill, helping and working to achieve team goals, as the same time to helping it the company growth. As well as the good analyst abilities which can help into the terms of skill growth and good work quality. In short, he was a full powerhouse and a deserving candidate for the award. He got this employee of the month award for his good performance and hard work.

He received a ‘Diligent Performer’ Certificate along with a Dinner Voucher of Patang Hotel and many other benefits from the company. We congratulate him for the award and extend our best wishes to keep on performing the same.