How much we know our Earth Test In Techno Infonet

In Techno Infonet every 1st and 3rd Friday our HR plans out surprises for its employees. To end our weekdays with refreshing smiling face and we can enjoy our weekend with full of refresh mind. Techno Infonet believes in the happiness of their employee. So, Our HR always try to end employees Friday with a joyful and smiling face. Which make every employee enthusiastic and happy.

This time the surprise included a Test “How much we know our Earth” followed by some lip-smacking snacks. The rule for this surprise test was to solve all the 8 questions within the 10 minutes time frame. This test did not carry any negative marking and the benefit of this test was to check our knowledge how much we about the earth which give us everything. We all started our test to solve those questions to get full marks. Being an IT Web Development Company, we always update ourself with latest technologies but at the same moment how much we are aware of normal general knowledge.

This surprise test was really fun and it indeed helped us in our personal growth. In Techno Infonet, we not only believe in work also in the growth of employees with various aspects. After the test, we had some Samosa followed by some casual chit-chat. I will come soon next weekend with some more news on the weekend surprise activities.