The Employee of the Month Experience of Sunil Sonkusare

As they say, “those who try their best shall have victory, while those who tried without efforts don’t deserve it”. Techno Infonet is known for recognizing those who try their best. Every month with The Employee of Month badge and a sponsored dinner, Techno Infonet adds a surprise to one’s life. This time Mr. Sunil Sonkusare was the winner of the EOM title for the month of December 2021.

Employee of The Month Experience

Sunil celebrated the sponsored dinner with his colleagues and they all chose their famous dining place, Bhook Lagi Hai.
Sunil is so fond of North Indian food that, without biding one’s time, he ordered his favourite dishes like malai kofta, pudina chaap dry, kadhai paneer, stuffed parathas, garlic naan and much more. Sunil and his colleagues had a tummy full dinner that night and embraced the pacifying surrounds of the restaurant.

When asked about his experience, this is what Sunil quoted, “I cannot imagine, this is what it feels like to be the EOM, a true feeling of being a celebrity. Thank you Techno Infonet and its Technorians for making the entire month memorable for me”. Lastly, Techno Infonet would like to congratulate Sunil for putting maximal efforts throughout his journey with Techno Infonet Pvt Ltd.